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Caregiver Mini Ribbon Magnet

Item: C408-PL

5 5.0 out of 5 stars. 3 reviews | Submit a Review

Caregiver Mini Ribbon Magnet - Plum

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Specially designed and created by Choose Hope, this "CAREGIVER"  ribbon magnet is a mini version of our popular Car Ribbon Magnets. Measuring just 4 inches high, they adhere to any metal surface including cars, file cabinets, and refrigerators. This mini magnet honors the caregivers in your life. Only $1.00 each!

Please note that this is a discontinued item and is limited to the quantity on hand and is not eligible for any additional discounts.

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Love Them, Love Sharing Them !!!

5 5.0 out of 5 stars. January 12, 2017

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I was SOOOOoooo Excited when I saw Your Caregiver Ribbons !!!! I Was the sole care Taker of My ONLY 2 BEST Friends in the World. Hospice Helped but Everthing they instructed me to do I was ALREADY on top of.... Many of the Nurses & Aids that came through the door, Told me I should be in this Field , & That I was better at this than THEM !!! My Responce was ALWAYS the Same..... I am NOT Emotionaly Strong Enough to do their Job on a daily Basis !!! My Mother , RIP , was a Nurse so most of the care taking was simple common sence to me.
First my Bestfriend & roomate was dianosed with ADVANCED Prostate Cancer at 46, later found it to be due to Embral shots he was perscribed for Rheumatoid Arthritis.
The week before he Passed , MY ONLY Other BESTFRIEND in the WORLD Was Diagnoced with Stage 4 Lung Cancer , With 4 Brain Toumers. She was able to make it to HIS Wake , However the Day of his Funeral she missed due to her Hospice Intake Appt.....
Many people asked how I could take care of them on a daily bassis , Giving Meds , Oxegen , Sponge Baths , Changing their Cloths , Sheets , & Even Dipers.... It was Extreamly Hard for Friends & EVEN Some FAMILY to Visit them once Hospice was involved...
I ALWAYS Answered the "How do YOU do IT Questions the same. "It's the way they want to go... As Safe & Comfortable as Possible!!! Peacefully , Snuggled in their beds , In Their Cloths , & Mostly , IN THEIR OUN HOME !!! " It was very Emotionally straining, But THEY got me through it, with every Loving & Appreciative Breath they took.... I Knew in the Depest Depths of my SOLE , Had The SHOE Been on the other FOOT , Either/Both of them would have bent over BACKWARDS to due the Same For ME !!!!
RIP !!!! Jimmy & Charlene
Love Always Your Bestie Robyn

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5 5.0 out of 5 stars. October 26, 2014

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A great inexpensive gift for the person who helps you through your treatment. A way to say thanks and acknowledge what they do.

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Drive and support!

5 5.0 out of 5 stars. May 1, 2013

Gave these to my family for their cars, and I put one on my fridge

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