5 Ways to Support a Cancer Survivor in Your Life

Support a Cancer Survivor

We recognize the month of June as National Cancer Survivors Month. Cancer survivorship represents a major accomplishment and the passage of a significant milestone. For many survivors, birthdays and other celebratory occasions are no longer as meaningful as they were before the cancer diagnosis. Each Cancerversary honors the disease that upended their world and that of their family members, friends and other significant people in their lives. Cancerversaries are celebrations of life, of recovery, and renewed health.

We’ve come up with some ideas to help you support and celebrate the heroic achievement that cancer survivorship is.

1. Plan a Celebratory Event

Plan a family celebration. Invite extended family members, coworkers, close friends and neighbors to celebrate. You can have a backyard barbecue, a potluck picnic at a park, or gather for dinner at a favorite restaurant. If you have a bucket list, there is no better time than National Cancer Survivors Day (June 4, 2017) to do something so you can check an item off that list.

A cancerversary is worthy of a family vacation or a romantic weekend getaway. Celebrate by doing things that the cancer survivor in your life loves to do but couldn’t do while undergoing treatment.

2. Go on an Adventure

Go on a wild adventure that allows the cancer survivor in your life to do and experience things they haven’t been able to enjoy for a while. Go zip lining, rock climbing, kayaking, canoeing, sailing, water skiing or any other daring activity that gives people an adrenaline rush.

If he or she doesn’t want to do anything that crazy, do something where you can still celebrate in nature. Go fishing, plan a camping or glamping trip, or suggest a challenging nature hike.

Any type of physical activity is good for the body and mind, and it is the best way to regain strength.

3. Celebrate National Cancer Survivors Day on June 4, 2017

Contact your local cancer treatment centers to find out about any local or nearby community events that you can join to celebrate National Cancer Survivors Day. If not, come up with your own celebration. Consider visiting a local cancer center to share your experience with patients. The goal is to spread the word about survivorship and to give cancer patients who are undergoing treatment now, a future to hope for when they complete their treatment.

4. Recognize National Cancer Survivors Day and Month with Gifts and Awareness Products

Choose Hope has a broad selection of awareness products like ribbon magnets, bracelets, buttons, mugs, and t-shirts. You can also give a cancer survivor a thoughtful gift such as our Survivor Strong Tag Necklace with number charm to recognize every year of survivorship from one through twenty. Our Blessed to Be a Survivor Ribbon Ornament comes in colors that represent the different cancers.

5. Show Your Support Through Caring and Thoughtful Gestures

You don’t have to live close to the cancer survivor in your life to show your support and recognition of their important milestone. Sending a note or card to let them know you’re thinking about them on their cancerversary is a thoughtful gesture that will mean a lot. A phone call is another way to let a him or her know that you are thinking about them as they celebrate their survivorship.

You don’t have to wait until the day on which your cancer treatment ended to celebrate survivorship. National Cancer Survivorship Month is a national observance where anyone can join in the celebration and spread awareness about the importance of early detection and treatment and their contributions to overall cancer survivorship.

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  1. Iam a prostrate cancer survivor could not have do it without faith , hope , and support of friends and family.% years cancer free!!!!!!

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