The Meaning Behind Choose Hope Slogans

No One Fights Alone Together We Will Win Choose Hope Slogans

When Choose Hope was formed back in 1999, we never really thought about slogans. In fact, catchy phrases were the furthest thing from our minds. Our mission was simple – sell products and raise money for research. This was not only something that was desperately needed for Chris and myself, but also for thousands of others being told they too had cancer. Sitting around the kitchen table thinking of what we could offer was a challenge. But, as we soon found out, we were more than ready for the challenges that would come our way.

Cancer Sucks

Our first product was Cancer Sucks buttons – something we all felt accurately depicted the cancer journey.  The phrase, Cancer Sucks, was something that just resonated with us. Our  journey was still in the early stages…filled with fear, pain and everything that goes along with this type of challenge. We all agreed cancer does suck! Since we liked it we thought others would too, and most of you did and continue to do so today!

I Have Chemo Brain! What’s Your Excuse?®

Little by little as our business got off the ground, new products just happened. Sometimes with great thought and planning, but most of the time because in the middle of a sentence we would stop, grab a pencil and paper and write down what we’d just said. “I Have Chemo Brain, What’s Your Excuse?” came about in my own kitchen. My husband and I were discussing something. I can’t remember what, but I do remember struggling to remember the name of something. When he couldn’t remember it either, that phrase popped out and our Chemo Brain slogan was born! I couldn’t get to that pencil and paper quick enough!

Together We Will Win®

When I was diagnosed with cancer I started doing something I hadn’t ever really done before – write poetry. I have no clue why, other than it was cathartic for me in a big way. Many years ago, I wrote a poem which was read at our local Relay for Life. The last line read Together We Will Win. People liked it and commented on it. We felt strongly about everyone banding together for this fight so this phrase also found its way into our Choose Hope line. It is inclusive of all cancers so it has become a huge success for fundraisers, gatherings, relays and other events.

No One Fights Alone®

The slogan I’m most proud of is No One Fights Alone. It’s something I remember saying to a mother over the phone when she was telling me about her teenage son diagnosed with osteosarcoma. It was hard on her family but they were trying to do everything they could to support their youngest child. Cancer truly is a family diagnosis. Everyone feels the pain of seeing a friend or loved one going through the process. This phrase was a must for so many including families, friends and coworkers.

Girls Fight Tough® 

Some slogans are specifically created to fill a need such as our Girls Fight Tough saying. Why you ask? Because they DO and we wanted everyone to know it! I’ve seen tough women take on the breast cancer fight and win, and I’ve been blessed to know some tough women who didn’t win the fight but fought like hell.

What Cancer Cannot Do®

Some slogan suggestions come from customers. The popular poem What Cancer Cannot Do was requested by customers numerous times. It’s a strong reminder that there many things we still, and always will, have control over. Therefore, we’ve incorporated this poem into many very popular items.

Words of Encouragement

Our Words of Encouragement was a group effort created around our conference table. Everyone there knew the heartache of either having cancer or watching a loved one go through it. The question was how can we help them get through this? How can we remind them to dig deep and find the courage and strength so desperately needed? What words helped us? Lots of suggestions lead to the selections. We know that each one has a special meaning, and has helped someone stay positive through a very tough time.

So many of Choose Hope’s products are created by cancer survivors for cancer survivors. The slogans you see on a large variety of our products are offered from our hearts. We hope they touch yours as much as they’ve touched ours!

Please note that many of these slogans are trademarks owned by Choose Hope and cannot be used without the express written permission of Choose Hope.

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One comment on “The Meaning Behind Choose Hope Slogans
  1. Brian Kenny says:

    Hi, I am now a 24 year old who had Germinoma brain cancer in 2011. I was a senior in high school, living an incredible life – everything was going well. Had three days of headaches, went to the ER in my hometown, and they found the larger of the two tumors. Was transferred to a larger Children’s Hospital in the area, where the second was subsequently found. I had surgery the next day, followed by chemotherapy and radiation. It was very difficult, and to this day, I believe that chemo is the hardest thing I’ve been through.

    My mom bought the grey “No One Fghts Alone” bracelets for basically anyone in my town who wanted one. I was able to go to undergrad studies on time, and in my summer between my Freshmen and Sophomore years, I got “No One Fights Alone” tattooed on my right bicep. I continue to wear my bracelet every day, as well.

    I am not currently in my fourth year of medical school, looking to go into Emergency Medicine. The tattoo is a reminder of why I do what I do.

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