5 Tips for Coordinating a Cancer Relay or Run/Walk

Coordinating a Cancer Relay or Run/Walk

Sponsoring a cancer relay or a cancer run/walk is a great way to raise money. It doesn’t matter whether you are raising money for a local hospital or cancer treatment center, or a nationally based research organization. Health care facilities and research centers desperately need the money that generous donors contribute through fundraising events.

The key to any successful event lies in the thoroughness of your organization. That includes the ability of the volunteers to work together, and the ability of the people who are in charge of the event to delegate responsibilities to others. Ultimately, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it!

1. Encourage People to Volunteer to Help with Event Planning, Setup, and Management

No one can handle all of the arrangements related to the fundraiser on their own. It isn’t possible to manage everything with just a few people. You need as many volunteers as you can find. Make sure your volunteers have different and varying skill sets. Some can help you spread the word throughout the community, others can create and manage social media pages, while some may have contacts at the local newspapers, radio and television stations. There is nothing better than free advertising!

2. Talk to Your City Officials About Necessary Permits and Reservations

Some communities may require that people who plan and sponsor fundraising events like relays or races get permits to hold their event. If you hope to use a park or other city or county facility, you may need to reserve the space and pay a rental fee.

Make sure that your venue has essential amenities like restrooms and parking. You’ll also want to be sure that the track or course is handicap accessible. The site will also need to be able to accommodate a big crowd, including spectators, volunteers, and city officials.

3. Make the Signup Process as Easy as Possible

The easier it is for people to sign up, the more participants you’re likely to get. Find out whether there are free smartphone apps that you can use to streamline the signup process. Ask local schools to post notices about the event and see whether they’d be willing to allow your volunteers to set up a table where people can sign up. If the schools agree to that, you should schedule a meeting with the principal to iron out the details and to create a plan. Ask the principal to make daily announcements over the school’s loudspeaker.

Contact local businesses to see if they’d be willing to put a signup sheet at their cash register, or on a table in a waiting area. Put announcements about the event and the signup process everywhere, including the public library, the YMCA, gyms, yoga studios, restaurants, and doctor and dentist offices.

4. Take Advantage of Every Technological Resource There is – Especially Free Stuff

If you have access to the services of IT people and tech experts, ask them to help you out. A bit of begging never hurts when it’s for as worthy a cause as a cancer fundraiser. There are more people using smartphones today than there are people who own computers. If you want to be sure of connecting with your entire community, and doing it in a cost and time-efficient way, you need to be able to reach people via their smartphones.

A tech expert can help you optimize a website you create so that it’s mobile friendly. That means that people will be able to see everything that’s on the website on their smartphones. If you have a place for people to sign up as participants, volunteers, or to donate services on the site, it should also be accessible from a smartphone.

5. Offer Gifts for Participation and to the Winners of Different Categories

People whose lives have been touched by cancer will naturally be more inspired to participate in a fundraiser. Other people will have a range of different reasons for participating. It never hurts to sweeten the deal a bit by offering cancer fundraising products, such as wristbands or pins, as an incentive. You can also hand out mini gift packs at the end of the relay or walk/runathon to thank the walkers and runners who participated in the event. Choose Hope offers a wide selection of pre-packaged best sellers for handing out at events, or as ready-to-sell products for fundraisers.

A well-organized and well-run fundraising event is more enjoyable for everyone – from the spectators to the participants, to the businesses and donors. Everyone benefits when you are able to raise as much as possible for the organization for whom the event was planned. Now let’s get going and make a difference!


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