5 Ways to Help a Friend Celebrate Survivorship

celebrate survivorship

Following a cancer diagnosis, most people set goals to mark the days, months, and years of survivorship. For all cancer survivors, every year of life without a recurrence represents a major milestone, and it is one that all cancer survivors eagerly anticipate.

Every significant achievement in life is worthy of a celebration, and every stage of cancer survivorship deserves recognition. We’ve come up with some ideas to inspire anyone who wants to honor a friend by celebrating their cancer survivorship.

1. Plan a Special Night Out

Your outing can be something as simple as a scheduled time where the two of you enjoy a meal at a favorite restaurant or a movie you both want to see. Gals might want to plan a day at the spa for their friend, while guys might attend a sporting event and watch their favorite teams play.

2. Plan a Family Celebration

Invite your friend and their family over to your house for an evening of family time. Make a dinner that everyone will love and put some games out that everyone can play together – either inside or outdoors. Alternatively, make it a family movie night. You can bring a movie and the snacks over to their house, and both families can enjoy spending time together.

3. Celebrate their Strength with a Meaningful Gift

Give them a gift that will remind them of the strength they showed as they navigated the cancer journey. Consider giving them a “Survivor Strong” T-shirt  or choose a colorful “I’m a Survivor” T-shirt that is perfect for both men and women.

4. Send a Special Note

Some people aren’t into big celebrations – even for something as important as a cancerversary. Send them a special note to let them know how proud you are of them for the strength they’ve shown in the face of adversity and how excited you are to celebrate this milestone with them. You might also include something to let them know that you made a contribution to the facility that treated them, or to a cancer research organization of your choosing.

5. Check Off a Bucket List Item

Some people make a bucket list of things they want to do in their lifetime. Bucket lists aren’t just for cancer patients. Anyone can make a bucket list. If your friend happens to have a bucket list, celebrate their cancer survivorship by doing something on their list so they can check it off. Maybe it’s a trip to an exotic location. Maybe it’s something they’ve never done like riding a motorcycle, going for a hot air balloon ride, going fishing, or something even more adventurous like zip lining!

The journey to survivorship starts at the very moment when the doctor tells someone that they have cancer. For many, this date will forever mark their cancerversary, and for some people, that date is even more important than a birthday. The cancer experience may be different for everyone, but celebrating cancerversaries is the one thing that unites everyone who supports loved ones on their cancer journey. Think about honoring that milestone with a cancer survivor gift from Choose Hope.

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  1. March 25, 2017 I will be a 8 year cancer survivor. I had a stem cell Transplant 2 years ago February 6th was my 2 year anniversary from transplant. I would like to know how to order one of the lime green ribbon. Lime green is for my Lymphoma.

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