Enter Choose Hope’s November Giveaway

The month of November brings awareness to multiple cancers: Lung (White), Pancreatic (Purple), Stomach (Periwinkle), and Carcinoid (Zebra Stripe). November also honors all caregivers with plum ribbons. Making a Difference By Raising Awareness Raising awareness is important and ... Read more

What to Ask When You’re Diagnosed with Cancer

We all remember the day we heard those words, “You have cancer.” We are shocked and overwhelmed. Whether it’s our primary care physician, our OB/GYN or a specialist in pulmonology or dermatology, we’ll get a ... Read more

Radiation Therapists Give Us a Renewed Sense of Hope

So what do people who work in helping professions do on their weekends? They volunteer their time to help out others, of course! In our case, it was an amazing bunch of radiation therapists who gave up their ... Read more

What Cancer Cannot Do

What Cancer Cannot Do is an inspirational poem reminding patients that cancer will not rob us of our spiritual life, our values or our identity. While cancer may rob us of our hair, our energy and our body ... Read more

We choose to hope. Our weapons: a positive attitude, faith, hope, love, and healing.

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