Cancer Awareness Products: Pay Attention to What You Buy and Where the Money Goes

Ribbon Products: What You Buy and Where the Money Goes

So often we’re inundated with cancer awareness products, especially during the month of October. I see pink ribbons everywhere and I love it! While some say it’s all about “the pink” and nothing else matters, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Cancer awareness is CANCER AWARENESS!

The Pink Ribbon Campaign

It’s the pink ribbon campaign that paved the way for awareness in general. Without that first ribbon, nothing else would have taken off. There are now many acknowledged cancer awareness ribbon colors, each one equally important! Those pink ribbon ladies knew what they were doing and because of them major breakthroughs have been made in cancer research. It’s very important to know that funds raised for breast cancer have benefited many different cancers.

If you look you can find t-shirts, wristbands, car magnets and just about anything in all ribbon colors. I say, bring it on and raise that money… any month, any ribbon color! I wear them all proudly. Other cancer awareness campaigns are gaining momentum. For example, the month of September is quickly “going gold” for childhood cancer awareness.

Where Does Money Raised from Awareness Products Go?

With any good cause, there are things to consider. When you buy that cute ribbon t-shirt you should know what, if any, of your purchase goes to research. If it doesn’t matter, you just like the shirt and want to bring awareness, go for it! If like me, it does matter, then do your homework. Reputable web sites will always state what they give and to where. If they don’t say, then chances are they don’t give. If it’s an item from a store, then read the tag carefully. Most will say what percentage is given and to where.

The “where” is very important! I’ve walked away from many great ribbon products because they’re giving to an organization whose policies I don’t particularly agree with (personal choice.) If it’s an organization that you’re not familiar with, do a quick search. Is it even real?

Are they doing research or funding anything at all? A portion of your money is being donated somewhere, you should know and agree with where it’s going.

Is there a cap on the amount of money an organization gives? If so, has it been reached? Saying a company “gives to research” and then finding out they only give 1 or 2% is not good enough for me.

I want to know my donation is going to a worthy cause. I want to know a portion is either going to aid cancer research or help fund programs. I want to help. Yes, I’m buying a product, but most importantly I’m hoping to make a difference in someone’s life. I know it’s a lot of homework to do, but it’s well worth the effort. The next time you’re shopping, remember those ribbons! Every little bit helps!

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