Koral’s Story

In 2014 I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer. Had a complete removal. Then in 2016 I went in for a dnc and the doctor found cancer in my uterus and it started to spread. Had a complete hysterectomy and found out it was stage 3 endometrial cancer. Tried chemo and was allergic to the meds. Went straight into high dose radiation and after a few months that caused problems with my kidney. On Feb 8, 2018 I lost my left kidney due to the radiation. Then in 2019 I found out I had stage 4 endometrial cancer that metastasized to the lung. I did 3 treatments of chemo and stopped because the chemo was killing me faster. Did immunotherapy and it made it very hard to breathe. So I stopped that and they gave me a year to live.  Well I took cbd oil for 5 months went and had a scan done and on June 29th 2020 I was in remission.

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