Lung Cancer Statistics and Awareness Month

Lung Cancer Statistics

Supporters fighting some of the most common cancers do an effective job of promoting their causes. Breast cancer awareness, for example, has risen significantly through the October “Pink Ribbon” campaign. While breast cancer is the most common type of cancer, it does not claim the most lives; that distinction belongs to lung cancer. Following breast cancer, it is also the second most common form of the disease.

Lung Cancer Statistics

Did you know that…

  • Lung cancer accounts for approximately 27% of all cancer deaths.
  • It causes more deaths than breast, colon and prostate cancers combined.
  • The National Cancer Institute estimates that in 2016, there will be over 158,000 deaths due to lung cancer. Breast cancer is estimated to cause about 41,000. While both numbers are alarming, many people aren’t aware of the number of deaths related to lung cancer.

Increasing Lung Cancer Awareness

There is hope! November 2016 is Lung Cancer Awareness Month. LCAM is designed to increase awareness of lung cancer, and to spread the word about the benefits of early detection. It is also a time when we can recognize and support those who are walking the lung cancer journey and remember those who have passed. Many national and international organizations are joining in the efforts to increase awareness of lung cancer as well as the need for more research dollars. Join us in the fight against lung cancer!

Why Choose Hope?

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Choose Hope offers over 100 different products that demonstrates your positive attitude, faith, hope, love, and healing along with your support during Lung Cancer Awareness Month. These items are terrific for family and friends, as well as for fundraisers. Products can also serve as month-long promotional items for businesses. Not only will you be raising awareness, but you’ll be helping to find a cure! To date, Choose Hope has donated over $900,000 to cancer research. Join the fight with the simple act of displaying the white ribbon of hope on your choice of items from Choose Hope—serving the cancer community and supporting cancer research.

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