Today Is My Cancerversary


Today is a celebration! Not the usual one, but the one I like the most. There will be no presents and probably no cake. For me, another year of survivorship is the best gift of all. Today is my 19 year “Cancerversary!”

Most people consider the day they finish treatment as their Cancerversary date. I look at it differently. Mine started the day I heard my doctor tell me the awful news. Since the shock didn’t kill me I figured I was a survivor!

Unless you’ve been down that road you can’t truly understand what this day means to me. So many ups and downs. So many times I wavered. Would I make it? Would I see my daughter grow up? Would my hair REALLY grow back? Would I ever feel normal again? Nineteen years later, I did make it. My daughter is a beautiful woman, I’m considered fairly normal, and, yes…I have hair!

I received a card today from a good friend. It read, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! Can you bench press a Buick yet?” It was perfect! While she hasn’t experienced cancer, she does understand what this day means to me. She’s seen me struggle and she’s seen me get stronger. She understands what a Cancerversary is!

Watch out Buicks, here I come!

Linda N.
19 year survivor of stage 2 breast cancer

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4 comments on “Today Is My Cancerversary
  1. What a wonderful friend❤️
    Congrats on 19 years! I’m on 9 months, second time around!!

  2. Happy cancerversary.. Mine is in August. It such a special day. God bless you warrior.. God bless you with continued good health and a lifrtime of all you wish.. #warrioron.

  3. Terry says:

    Happy cancerversary. Thank you for the inspiration. Mine was June 2. I’m just one year out and it’s been a real tough year. Some friendships have been strengthened but I have lost one friend. I just don’t get it how someone could just walk away from a friend after 20 years of friendship. It makes me very sad and I struggle with it everyday.

    It warms my heart to hear your story.

    You’re a warrior. Here’s to another 19 years.

  4. Wanda says:

    Blessed cancerversary all, this year will be my sweet 16 year breast survival cancerversary. Because the technology for early detection had been improved mine was found early. Thank God for the funds for scientists to research and grow.And now my husband is a 12 week Gleoblastoma Grade IV right temporal survivor.He’s doing fantastic. No side affects from the surgery, radiation & chemo pills. And with the great support from his co-workers, family, friends,my church and his confidence in the doctors he is able to continue his positive attitude everyday.

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