Choose Hope Survivor Spotlight – Karen’s Story

June recognizes and celebrates all cancer survivors. If you are newly diagnosed, going through treatment, living with cancer or celebrating remission, then you are a survivor! At this time of year, we naturally reflect back on the many ... Read more

Coping with Survivor’s Guilt

You fought cancer and won. You should feel strong, thankful and elated, and for the most part, you do. However, one other emotion rears its head now and again. When it does, it can overshadow all the others. ... Read more

Going From Patient to Survivor Against All Odds

It’s amazing how quickly your life can change, mine literally changed in an instant. I didn’t know anyone personally who had ever battled cancer, and it certainly wasn’t a world I was familiar with. But, ... Read more

Giving From the Heart – Kristen’s Story

The latest addition to our Giving From the Heart category came to us in an unusual way. Kristen's Journey We were contacted by a young man whose sister was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma at the age of 16. Her name ... Read more

We choose to hope. Our weapons: a positive attitude, faith, hope, love, and healing.

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