Great Ideas For Cancer Fundraising

Great Ideas For Cancer Fundraising

Four out of ten people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. People react in different ways when learning that someone they know and love has cancer. The easiest, and arguably the most powerful way to bring people together to support someone who has cancer, or to help local cancer centers, hospitals or other facilities, is through fundraising.

With some effort and the guidance of helpful resources, you can create your own unique cancer fundraisers that will allow you to choose the way you want the money you raise to be spent.

Follow the Lead of Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation

At the tender age of four years old, Alexandra (Alex) Scott held a lemonade stand on her parents’ front lawn. She made $2,000 that day. Alex suffered from neuroblastoma, and wrestled with the disease from age one (when she first got the diagnosis), until the age of 8, when she died.

In her short life, she started a foundation and sowed the seeds of what would become a source of inspiration for others who want to join the fight to end childhood cancer. Her organization offers would-be fundraisers, all of the information they need to start their own Lemonade Stand Fundraiser.

Hold an Auction or a Raffle

Fundraiser Help is an excellent resource for cancer fundraising ideas involving live or silent auctions (and other ideas and helpful organizing tips). Look to businesses in your community to ask for contributions. The success of an auction depends on your ability to get people to attend and to assemble an appealing variety of auction items.

Ask local retailers to donate products or a shopping spree that is worth however much they are willing to give. Restaurants might be prepared to provide a free dinner for a family of four. Perhaps a massage therapist or personal trainer would be willing to contribute one free session. You can advertise by putting posters on the windows of participating businesses. Don’t be afraid to contact a local television or radio station to ask them if they’d be willing to make a contribution to your auction or raffle. Let them know that their donation of free advertising will reach more of the community than any other method of publicity.

You can purchase rolls of tickets at party and office supply stores, or you can print them up from a computer program template. Set a price per ticket, and then a discounted price for a bunch of tickets. For example, $1 each or five tickets for $4. That way, ticket buyers get one ticket free for every group of five they buy. Lower ticket prices encourage and motivate community members to purchase lots of tickets, and ticket buyers benefit from higher odds that they’ll win prizes. You may be very surprised with the outpouring of monetary and in-kind donations!

Plan a Fundraising Event in Your Community

When people clean out their closets or go through household items they no longer use, they may donate them to a thrift store or take them to a consignment store. Plan a large garage or yard sale and ask residents to pledge to contribute items they would have taken elsewhere. Vow to donate all of the proceeds to a local cancer facility or an organization that assists people in your community. An event like this is an outstanding way of uniting the community through a common goal.

Other simpler cancer fundraising ideas might include a pancake breakfast, a chili cook-off, a spaghetti dinner, or even a bake sale. Encourage schools to urge their students to get involved by holding a car wash, a lawn mowing, leaf raking or snow shoveling benefit where they offer these services to area residents who agree to make a donation to a cancer care or research organization that the kids choose.

With a little determination and effort, you easily make a difference! Raising money can be fun and rewarding, so take our ideas and create your own fundraisers!

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