Be Aware Ribbon Keychain

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Be Aware Ribbon Keychain

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Designed exclusively for Choose Hope, this beautiful die cast Be Aware Keychain is made of shiny nickel plating and displays a sculpted 3D ribbon front and center. Surrounding the ribbon is a colored enamel in your choice of all cancer awareness colors. Includes key ring attachment. Show your support for family, friends, and loved ones in this simple, yet elegant way!

  • Measures 1″ x .5″
  • Color availability will vary on clearance items
  • Formerly Item #K315

Additional information

Weight 0.6 oz
Dimensions 1 × 0.2 × 1.5 in

Amber – Appendix Cancer, Burgundy/Ivory – Head & Neck Cancer, Black – Melanoma, Burgundy – Multiple Myeloma, Emerald Green – Liver Cancer, Lavender – All Cancers, Peach – Uterine Cancer, Periwinkle – Esophageal & Stomach Cancers, Teal/White – Cervical Cancer, Teal/Pink/Blue – Thyroid Cancer, White – Lung Cancer

58 reviews for Be Aware Ribbon Keychain

  1. Customer in SACRAMENTO (verified owner)

    It is exactly what I ordered, no complaints.

  2. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I liked it

  3. Customer in Griffin, GA. (verified owner)

    Absolutely Love it!!!

  4. Customer in Charlotte, NC (verified owner)

    I have been given different cancer products in the last year, but this one is my favorite key chain. It holds up well and looks nicer than the plastic ones.

  5. Customer in Haines City (verified owner)

    My husband proudly uses my color as his key chain. Holds up well

  6. Customer in RI (verified owner)

    I wanted something that would be durable enough to hold all my keys and hold up to being tossed around in my bag. Its a great quality and looks nice.

  7. Customer in Charlotte, NC (verified owner)

    This keychain is very nice and classy. It’s a great size and the color is beautiful (i got prostate, light blue). I’m very happy with it.

  8. Customer in Naperville, IL (verified owner)

    I ordered 100 wristbands for family and friends to show support for my father, who was diagnosed with appendiceal cancer in September. However, I was unable to figure out how our beagle, Claire, could also be on my father’s “team,” until I saw the “Be Aware Keychain.” It doubled as a perfect dog tag and has gotten numerous comments from neighbors while she is out on her walks. It has been a wonderful way to raise awareness.

  9. Customer in Columbia, Maryland (verified owner)

    I am a melanoma survivor and I gave your products as gifts to the people who supported me through my tough time. I am very happy with the variety and quality of your merchandise and I will be browsing your web page often. I wear my lanyard and display my car magnet proudly as a survivor. Thank you.W3

  10. Customer in Charleston, SC (verified owner)

    The keychain is great. It’s a good reminder every time we go for the keys.

  11. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Loved it, great product!

  12. Customer in Shelbyville, Indiana (verified owner)

    I bought one for myself, and received one as a gift. I then gave mine to my mom as a gift. She cried when she saw it. It is a great reminder to be aware!

  13. Customer in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (verified owner)

    I purchased one for myself and one for my fiance. We both love them! The quality was beyond my expectations.

  14. Customer in morgantown,wv (verified owner)

    I love this key chain it reminds me to have hope

  15. Customer in ELIZABETHTOWN (verified owner)

    The Be Aware Keychain is made top of the line. Each and every time you pick up your keys, you can not help of being reminded of someone being effected with this terrible disease. Keychain is made with such great quality you will be pleased to give them as gifts.

  16. Customer in Sacramento, CA (verified owner)

    I love, love, love these keychains! They are great quality, no chipping or scratching. Its just another way I support my daughter during her battle with Leukemia.

  17. Customer in Reno, NV (verified owner)

    I got this in memory of my Mother who died from colon cancer. I’ve had it on my key ring since I got it and I love it. It’s very durable and tasteful. It’s beautiful and serves her memory well.

  18. Customer in La Porte, Indiana (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this keychain!! The inscription on the back was an added bonus. Thank you so much!

  19. Customer in Dallas, GA (verified owner)

    I was very pleased with this product. The keychains were beautiful and I received my shipment only 2 days after placing the order. I will no doubt be a return customer.

  20. Customer in Delaware ohio (verified owner)

    Excellent! Love everything I have ordered! For so cheap it sure does have a lot of meaning to me! I will continue to buy!

  21. Customer in australia/victoria (verified owner)

    great strong looking & feeling product.

  22. Customer in St. Paul, MN (verified owner)

    I gifted these to a couple people, they have them on their key chains, the color is rich and looks good, they have not had a problem with breakage

  23. Past Customer (verified owner)

    It’s a wonderful product and would get 5 stars if there were an option to personalize the back – that would have been PERFECT.

  24. Customer in Romney (verified owner)

    I really like this as I am supporting my cancer

  25. Customer in Des Moines, Iowa (verified owner)

    I am not using these as primary key chains, but have added them as “another key” on the key chains. A subtle way to support a friend and a reminder for me of what they are experiencing.

  26. Customer in United States (verified owner)

    They’re perfect to show your support!

  27. Customer in los angeles, ca (verified owner)

    The keychain is very nice quality.

  28. Customer in Duluth, MN (verified owner)

    Pretty colors and perfect size on my key ring…

  29. Customer in Superior Wisconsin (verified owner)

    this is a high quality keychain item. The color is very rich and high shine which catches the suns rays hanging form my car ignition keyhole. I did buy two one will go to my wife for her way to support me in my battle with Cancer. Thank you.

  30. Customer in Metairie, LA (verified owner)

    I love this keychain.. very colorful and represents the color great. Also love the writing on the back. Worth the price!

  31. Customer in SLC, Utah (verified owner)

    I wanted a key chain/ring that not only showed my support for those warriors bravely fighting, but to also showed my own strength of survival. After completing chemotherapy ABVD, for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma 3 years ago, I made this purchase, and am glad I did. this was exactly what I wanted, and the color of purple is vibrant and the material is good quality. I am so very pleased with my purchase, that I hope to buy more for christmas for family members.

  32. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I though the keychains are well constructed and look beautiful. The price is reasonable at $4 each.

  33. Customer in Antigonish (verified owner)

    I ordered these for my whole family after my dad passed of Esophageal cancer this past February. They are beautiful and a very sturdy weight for the price!

  34. Customer in Southern California (verified owner)

    Im excited to receive the keychains I ordered. I have been contemplating on my purchase for about a month. I decided it was time to buy them. Im currently dating a man who has survived testicular cancer. I am proud to support him and his remission. I am also proud to support a company that helps fund cancer research.

  35. Past Customer (verified owner)

    My fiancé and I ordered these key chains for our wedding favors and couldn’t be happier with the quality of this product. We didn’t want to waste money on little trinkets that our guests were most likely going to just throw away, so ordering something from this website was a wonderful alternative. It seems everyone has been touched by cancer in some way and knowing our money will go to help research is a real comfort.

  36. Customer in Arkansas (verified owner)

    It is a perfect size for a keychain – it doesn’t over power the keys and get in the way.

  37. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Purchased this wonderful item for my Son. He’s not much into jewelry, seen these and thought it’s perfect. He liked it very much & put on keychain right away..

  38. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I bought 2 keychains to show awareness for leukemia in remembrance of my father who recently passed away. It is a very nice keychain. Well made and classy.

  39. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I have two of these and like them a lot. Better than the ribbon alone as that was pointy and hurt sometimes. This is durable and continues to look great a year later!

  40. Customer in Sacramento, CA (verified owner)

    I bought several in different colors for different sets of keys that I have around my home.
    This will help identify them while being eye catching in color and design
    and sending a message. I’m very happy with the product.
    Janet E Oliver

  41. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Will be ordering more items. Excellent quality

  42. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I bought this keychain for myself and I love it. It’s heavy duty and the colors are vibrant.

  43. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I loves these keychains. It is great that it comes in many cancer colors.

  44. Customer in Regina (verified owner)

    Very nice keychain. Nice size durable well made

  45. Past Customer (verified owner)

    This keychain is the perfect size to show support for loved one or friend dealing with cancer

  46. Customer in Olathe, KS (verified owner)

    Love my new keychain…the material, weight, design, color. It’s basically pretty much ideal!!

  47. Customer in Youngstown, Ohio (verified owner)

    I received the lavender ribbon key ring today as a gift from my WIsh List. I love it, the ring is tight enough that you will not lose any keys from it.

  48. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I have this attached to my purse rather than using it for keys. It’s a good way to make people aware of what they need to do in order to try & avoid getting cancer. One day I hope to be cancer free.

  49. Past Customer (verified owner)

    The keychain and charms are very well made. They are extremely well priced for the great quality. I bought the charms for jewelry and will be perfect! I would recommend both products.

  50. Customer in Roper, NC (verified owner)

    The small size works well for my motorcycle keys.

  51. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I bought three of these and I wish I had bought more. They’re so inexpensive and look really nice.

  52. Customer in FLORIDA (verified owner)

    Great product. Light weight so I could easily add to my other keys AND 🙂

  53. Customer in Scottsdale, AZ (verified owner)

    Perfect keychain, adds a bit of class to my key ring. I would have to order for others battling other cancers. Love this!

  54. Customer in 8079 (verified owner)


  55. Customer in Illinois (verified owner)

    Can’t go too wrong. Everyone like a keepsake.

  56. Customer in Illinois (verified owner)

    Can’t go too wrong. Everyone like a keepsake.

  57. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I ordered these magnets for cars and/or refrigerators. They are the perfect size and arrived quickly. I would order again

  58. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I ordered cervical cancer keychains for my family and I love them. They arrived quickly and are great quality

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