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Our Story

Products Designed by Cancer Survivors for Cancer Survivors

Choose Hope began around a kitchen table in early 1999. There were three of us, Chris, Paula, and Linda, making buttons to give away. Linda and Chris had already been diagnosed with breast cancer. We knew firsthand that the chemo room can be a gloomy place, so we handed out the buttons to brighten people's days. It was Chris' idea to turn our passion into a business - a business that could help fund cancer research. And we did just that! Choose Hope, Inc. took off, and has grown consistently ever since. We now have an amazingly dedicated staff, and our product line has expanded to include all acknowledged cancer awareness colors..

Linda remains in remission, but sadly, Chris lost her battle with cancer in April of 2003. Through our conversations with many of you, we have witnessed your strength and courage as well as your tears and sadness. We strongly believe that we were all brought together for a reason, and that we are guided by something much bigger than ourselves. When we began the company, Chris insisted that we call it Choose Hope. When asked why, she would always respond (with just a hint of impatience), "well what else would we choose?"

Cancer affects us all. Along with the diagnosis come choices. We can choose to give in or to fight with all we have. We chose the latter. Our weapons: a positive attitude, faith, hope, love, and healing. When you have the first, the rest will follow. A diagnosis of cancer affects so many people. Not only those with the cells gone wrong, but family members, friends, co-workers. Doing something - even the simple act of wearing an awareness ribbon - can mean so much to those who are fighting for their lives. Drawing on our experiences as patients and caregivers with many hours spent in the chemo room, we realized the need for inspirational and humorous products designed by cancer survivors for cancer survivors.

Every month Choose Hope makes a significant corporate donation to a leading cancer research facility. Our fervent wish is to see this disease halted: for us, for our families, our friends, and for you. We welcome the day when a cure is found and we are put out of business!


Our Personal Stories

We came together with a strong desire to make a difference. Strangers once, our shared commitment solidified our friendship, and we were off and running. Through the early stages of forming a business and the heartache of losing Chris, our bond is as strong today as it ever was.








The Choose Hope Staff

Our amazing staff is dedicated to carrying out the Choose Hope mission. They have witnessed your strength and courage as well as your tears and sadness. For us, it's not just a job, but a family. Each member of our staff has been affected by cancer in some way. We are a team of fighters, survivors, caregivers, friends, and family members. Here are the stories of our Choose Hope survivors and links back to their blogs.

  • Mary packs all of the orders with love and care, and occasionally adds her own kind words in a short note. Mary is a three time breast cancer survivor and 19 years out from her initial diagnosis. Read more
  • Pam works as our shipping manager, ensuring orders are delivered to all of you. Pam is a 15 year breast cancer survivor who came to Choose Hope when she was a one year survivor. Read more
  • Rita picks orders and assists in managing the warehouse. She was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after she arrived at Choose Hope. A year later she was diagnosed with colon cancer and went through the full treatment regimen. Today she is 9 years out from breast cancer and 8 years out from colon cancer. Read more
  • Karen works in customer service and prior to that she worked as a radiation therapist at a cancer facility. After being diagnosed with breast cancer, she went through treatment and decided to change careers completely. Choose Hope welcomed her with open arms. Read more
  • Linda is our retired co-founder. She just celebrated 21 years as a breast cancer survivor. Read more

Choose Hope Staff


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Download Cancer Awareness Ribbon Colors

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