Chris’ Tips: Be Chemo Savvy

These chemo tips were written by our co-founder, Chris McHugh, who was diagnosed with late-stage inflammatory breast cancer in 1997. At the young age of 34, she was given 18 months to live, but her journey lasted nearly 6 years. She made ... Read more

What to Ask When You’re Diagnosed with Cancer

We all remember the day we heard those words, “You have cancer.” We are shocked and overwhelmed. Whether it’s our primary care physician, our OB/GYN or a specialist in pulmonology or dermatology, we’ll get a ... Read more

Enter Choose Hope’s Comfort and Cheer Giveaway

When someone you care about is diagnosed with cancer, their world is forever changed. A typical treatment plan includes surgery, chemo and/or radiation. This road is a challenge no matter how you cut it, so why not ... Read more

Overcoming Fatigue

When you are diagnosed with cancer, your doctor, your friends and others will likely give you tips or share personal experiences with you. What they might not tell you is how much fatigue you can expect to endure. ... Read more

We choose to hope. Our weapons: a positive attitude, faith, hope, love, and healing.

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