Hodgkin's Lymphoma Awareness Products

This category includes products featuring the Violet Ribbon representing Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Awareness.  September is Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Awareness month.  Choose Hope offers a wide variety of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Cancer support and awareness products including bracelets, wristbands, jewelry, pins, apparel, hats and many more.

About 8,100 new cases of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma will be diagnosed this year, with a slightly higher occurrence in men compared to women. Both children and adults can develop Hodgkin’s Lymphoma but it’s most common in early adulthood (20’s) with the risk rising again in late adulthood (over age 55).

Hodgkin’s Lymphoma is rare in young children, but is the most common cancer diagnosed in teenagers ages 15-19.

All statistical info from American Cancer Society website

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