Don’s Story

First of all I don’t consider myself a “survivor”,  I am a cancer warrior.

At age 72, I was diagnosed late 2017 with a 2.5 centimeter lesion near the base of my esophagus.  My newfound Oncologist decided on a course of concurrent weekly radiation and aggressive chemo to be followed by surgery. I was extremely lucky to have the head of cardio/thoracic surgery at MUSC take my case.

His team removed the section of my esophagus and reconnected my stomach to what remained.  Later in 2019, a CT scan showed a lesion on my lung which prompted my Oncologist to recommend twice monthly chemo palliative care.  Throughout this time, I continued my duties as a teacher’s aide in a special education classroom.

I have to thank my medical team, my school team and my family for supporting me while I continue fighting.

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