Erica’s Story

A typical dentist appointment for a cavity turned into a complete life changing situation. My dentist wasn’t concerened about the rotting tooth (I ignored for way to long) but he was very concerned about the lesion under my tongue. He sent me to an oral surgeon who immediately hooked me up to an ENT.

By the time it was completely diagnosed (not too long, it’s not a slow growing cancer and is more of the Hare then the Tortoise 😉  In any event I ended up having a glossectomy & a neck dissection, I’m about a year out from surgery (6 months from radiation treatment) I’m still alive but I am so amazed that oral cancer is so unknown, it’s not one of the more popular ones (as if any really are).

Anyway, I buy 10 bracelets a month (when I can) and I send them to friends I have made in support groups that comprise of people, like me, who need to know NO ONE FIGHTS ALONE, god bless.

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