Heather’s Story

This has to be my toughest year yet.  Only being 38 and amid the Covid crisis I was diagnosed with 2 cancers. I had my surgery for Uterine cancer on March 2nd then only 5 months later I had surgery for Thyroid cancer July 28th. Drs feel confident they did get it all on both, but I will start my week of radiation for the thyroid in mid-November.

Hoping this is the last of it all but to on the safe side I just had a mammogram and am still waiting on the results. My biggest support has been both my fiancé (Ron) and best friend (Nu). I don’t know what I would have done doing it alone.  What drives me the most to push through it is my fiancé (Ron). Looking forward to marrying him and enjoying our lives together ❤️

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