Lisa’s Story

In June 2019, I was playing with my grandson on my lap. He stepped on my lap, when he did I felt a knot move. I went to my primary doctor who then sent me to a surgeon. I had surgery in the groin area in October 4, 2019.  Within 72 hours my surgeon called me and said that I have Follicular Lymphoma. I was overwhelmed and said I am going to fight this.

In May 2015 I was diagnosed with hepatitis C chronic case. I went to my primary care doctor and he referred me to an Infectious Diseases doctor.  She referred a pharmacy to me after discussing my medical history. I qualified for $76,000 for 8 weeks of Harvoni. That took a lot out of me. I had 2 jobs during the whole time.

Hep C was from my boyfriend of 5 years, he passed away in 2015.  I also cared for my stepdad for 5 years after he had a stroke then dementia, he passed away March 2019.

When the doctors looked at my lymph node, it was black.  Harvoni (the treatment of hep c) killed the lymph node that was infected with cancer.  I am now on active watch with my Oncologist. So, I’ll say I am a fighter and blessed to be cancer free & Hepatitis C Survivor in 2020.

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