Always Brave Bracelet with Optional Charm




Item #21303

Remember you are always BRAVE.  Our always BRAVE bracelets are available in a wide variety of ribbon colors and have the always BRAVE message engraved onto the clasp.  These bracelets are delicate and subtle, crafted from a stretchy nylon band and a Rhodium/18K gold plated closure.  Available as the bracelet alone or add on a ribbon charm in your choice of color for an additional $3.00.

  • One size fits most

Additional information

Weight 0.5 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × .2 in

Black Bracelet, Dark Blue Bracelet, Dark Green Bracelet, Dark Pink Bracelet, Grey Bracelet, Light Blue Bracelet, Light Pink Bracelet, Lavender Bracelet, Lime Bracelet, Orange Bracelet, Purple Bracelet, Teal Bracelet, White Bracelet, Yellow Bracelet, Lavender Bracelet w/ Lavender Charm, Black Bracelet w/ Amber Charm, Black Bracelet w/ Black Charm, Black Bracelet w/ Burgundy Charm, White Bracelet w/ Burgundy/Ivory Charm, Dark Blue Bracelet w/ Dark Blue Charm, Dark Green Bracelet w/ Emerald Charm, Black Bracelet w/ Gold Charm, Grey Bracelet w/ Grey Charm, Dark Green Bracelet w/ Kelly Green Charm, Light Blue Bracelet w/ Light Blue Charm, Dark Blue Bracelet w/ Marigold/Blue/Purple Charm, Lavender Bracelet with Orchid Charm, Orange Bracelet w/ Orange Charm, White Bracelet w/ Peach Charm, Light Blue Bracelet w/ Periwinkle Charm, Dark Pink Bracelet w/ Pink Charm, Light Pink Bracelet w/ Pink Charm, Purple Bracelet w/ Purple Charm, Teal Bracelet w/ Teal Charm, Dark Blue Bracelet w/ Teal/Pink/Blue Charm, Teal Bracelet w/ Teal/White Charm, Purple Bracelet w/ Violet Charm, White Bracelet w/ White Charm, Yellow Bracelet w/ Yellow Charm, Black Bracelet w/ Zebra Stripe Charm


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