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Angel Ribbon Pin



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Angels provide a constant source of faith, hope and love! This beautiful Angel Ribbon Pin is adorned with a silver-tone guardian angel. A positive sign that someone is always watching over you! Beautifully carded, this pin serves as a constant reminder that hope endures!

  • Measures 1.75″ in length
  • Nickel-free, lead-free and cadmium-free
  • Attaches with a standard pin back
  • Beautifully displayed on a card
  • Available in all cancer awareness colors except Neuroendocrine (zebra stripe)
  • Bulk Pricing – 50+ for $3.50 each
  • Formerly Item #R117

Additional information

Weight 0.3 oz
Dimensions 0.5 × 0.2 × 1.5 in
Cancer Type

All Cancers – Lavender, Anal Cancer – Purple/Green, Appendix Cancer – Amber, Bladder Cancer – Marigold/Blue/Purple, Brain Cancer – Grey, Breast Cancer – Pink, Cervical Cancer – Teal/White, Childhood Cancer – Gold, Colon Cancer – Dark Blue, Esophageal & Stomach Cancer – Periwinkle, Gallbladder/Bile Duct Cancer – Kelly, Head & Neck Cancers – Burgundy/Ivory, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma – Violet, Honor Caregivers – Plum, Kidney Cancer & Leukemia – Orange, Leiomyosarcoma & Pancreatic Cancer – Purple, Liver Cancer – Emerald Green, Lung Cancer – White, Lymphoma – Lime, Melanoma – Black, Multiple Myeloma – Burgundy, Metastatic Breast Cancer – Green/Teal/Pink, Neuroendocrine & Rare Cancers – Zebra Stripe, Ovarian Cancer – Teal, Prostate Cancer – Light Blue, Sarcoma/Bone Cancer – Yellow, Testicular Cancer – Orchid, Thyroid Cancer – Teal/Pink/Blue, Uterine Cancer – Peach

197 reviews for Angel Ribbon Pin

  1. Julie Bremridge

    Am I able to order & have one sent to the UK

    • Shannon Mayerl (store manager)

      Yes we ship to the UK!

  2. Customer in Michigan (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the product in the speed of delivery. It was very special for my wife.

  3. Customer in Illinois (verified owner)

    I like this cause of the

  4. Customer in Illinois (verified owner)

    I like this

  5. Customer in Virginia (verified owner)

    After receiving a pin from an oncologist, I ordered several of these to hand out to family to expand the circle of prayer and support during a loved one’s cancer treatment. I love the pins and the attached Choose Hope card which helps explain what the ribbon color represents for specific types of cancer. Everything was top quality.

  6. Customer in Tn (verified owner)

    I bought this pin to wear with at my graduation. My mother passed away from a rare cancer that didn’t have a ribbon color of its own. So I bought this beautiful pin. It is the perfect size not to big and not to small. I can’t wear this pin across the stage at my graduation. When I wear it I feel like I have my momma right there with me.

  7. Customer in Sheboygan Falls, WI (verified owner)

    I love these pins I wear one for each one of my family members who have passed away from cancer. We are now wearing the pink pins for someone we work with who is fighting breast cancer. I bought five of those, and we receive many comments on them asking were I got them from so I tell them.

  8. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Very pretty pendant and affordable. Seemed well made as well!

  9. Customer in Houston (verified owner)

    I really like my ribbon. Wear it together with my locket.

  10. Customer in New York (verified owner)

    I love the Angel Ribbon Pin. It is as though a guardian Angel is watching over me.

  11. Customer in Augusta, GA (verified owner)

    The Angel Ribbon Pins are now my favorite ribbon pins, my clients love them!

  12. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Beautiful pin, well made. My entire family wears them to show support of my niece.

  13. Past Customer (verified owner)

    It was exactly like promised. Beautiful, simple, decent priced and the delivery was speedy as always. Will definitely continue to buy from choosehope

  14. Customer in Evansville IN (verified owner)

    On 8/26/2018, my wife died from Multiple Myeloma after a six year battle. The angel pin in Burgundy was the best way to remember her.

  15. Customer in Michigan (verified owner)

    I love the new angel ribbon pin for Multiple Myeloma. What a great combination!

  16. Customer in Gettysburg (verified owner)

    Ordered both the Angel and Hope pins and was very pleased with them. Gave to friends and relatives and they were very happy to receive them and proud to wear them. Thanks.

  17. Customer in 93230 (verified owner)

    Well made. Beautiful. Since we got it my wife has worn it everday.

  18. Customer in Wernersville Pa (verified owner)

    What a lovely pin. I wear it on my jacket as a sign that my Cancer guardian angel is watching over me.

  19. Customer in Minnesota (verified owner)

    I purchased pins for all of the sisters in remembrance of our brothers. The quality and color of each pin is exceptional. Multiple Myeloma and Colon cancers took two wonderful souls. The pins allow us to give back with a visual reminder of our love for Roger and Bill.

  20. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I bought the pin for my mother who had surgery back in January to remove a tumor in her lung. She had carcinoid cancer, which is considered rare so she wanted the pin so people might ask her about it and she could explain them to and basically raise awareness. She saw y’alls pin and loved it so I got it for her (was going to give it to her on Mother’s Day but I couldn’t wait) she loves it! Thank you for raising awareness.

  21. Customer in Maryland (verified owner)

    The pin is very nice. However I did expect it to be a bit smaller…that’s just me. I prefer small statement pieces. I bought 8 of the pins to share with my family and friends as I am newly diagnosed with breast cancer myself. I am happy to support this cause.

  22. Customer in north Wilkesboro,NC (verified owner)

    These pins are adorable.I lost my brother,husband and sister to cancer>heartbreaking.I do wish they would find a cure. These pins will go to my siblings that are left and some neices to wear to remember them by.Order packaged well and came fairly quickly.

  23. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I brought my pin in remembrance of my brother, who passed from liver CA. I wear it every day, I brought a couple out in case it wears out. It is not!! No sign of wear yet.
    Thank you for good quality merchandise.

  24. Customer in Michigan (verified owner)

    These pins are beautiful! I purchased them for a young co-worker who is battling cancer, her sister and myself. I am an “angel” person, and the quality of these did not disappoint. Thank you!

  25. Customer in CT (verified owner)

    Given as gifts . They are special

  26. Customer in Savannah, GA (verified owner)

    It is so delicate, yet says so much. I gave to to my youngest sister, she is fighting cancer. She wears it proudly and it makes my heart so happy that I gave it to her. To me, it is just and extra prayer she can wear to help her feel good! I just cried when I saw it! Just beautiful, so little, yet it says so much to someone fighting cancer!

  27. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Love the speed and accuracy of your orders. I’ve never waited more than 48 hours for fulfillment–even on a weekend!

  28. Customer in PA (verified owner)

    Love it. I Wear it proudly. Thank Yiu

  29. Customer in Illinois (verified owner)

    I ordered a large quantity of these pins to hand out at my dad’s funeral. The pins themselves were great. exactly the size they were described as. They could be a tad bigger, but the description was true to the product. Since I needed the order fairly quickly, I called and talked to customer service. They were super helpful and I received the order in time for the funeral. The lady I spoke with even offered her condolences. 5 stars for the product and for the company.

  30. Customer in Middletown, NY (verified owner)

    These pins are high quality and beautiful!

  31. Customer in Cornwall, Canada (verified owner)

    I love the product, the only thing I could say ordering from Canada, the wait time was longer than expected.

  32. Customer in Copperhill TN (verified owner)

    Good quality. This pin is absolutely beautiful. I got it in black for my battle with skin cancer. I wear it all the time.

  33. Customer in FL (verified owner)

    Nice size, not too big and not too small. Love it! I placed it on my badge for work.

  34. Customer in Redondo Beach, CA USA (verified owner)

    Shopping was really easy and intuitive AND I got my pin much sooner than I had expected. Thank you!

  35. Customer in Cincinnati (verified owner)

    I have received from another company some Light Blue (Prostate Cancer) the quality from them was not as good as your product. I have a great nephew (6 Yrs old) that his color is Orange so I bought him 6 pins for his family sent him on of mine he wears both of them. God love him. So I went ahead and ordered 6 of your pins for me in Light Blue a much better product Thank you. Gary. You can see both ribbons on my nephew

  36. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Ordered 3. They are beautiful. My dad will love it!

  37. Customer in Springfield, MA (verified owner)

    I received my order or orders (as I was so satisfied with the first), very quickly. The items are very nice I wear them every day and they haven’t lost shape color or beauty.

  38. Customer in California (verified owner)

    The Angel Ribbon Pins were just what I was looking for. The quality was perfect for the price.

  39. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Just as pictured. Nice pin.

  40. Customer in Massachusetts (verified owner)

    The pins are lovely and arrived quickly. I am happy that part of the cost of the pin is going to cancer research.

  41. Customer in Louisiana (verified owner)

    Loved the pin, good quality, great price, beautiful, and a great tribute to my daddy whom we just recently lost to brain cancer. Proudly wearing on my denim vest

  42. Customer in Stockholm/Sweden (verified owner)

    It is beautifully made

  43. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I wear this pin everywhere and have gotten many compliments on it. Besides the fact that it is a very pretty pin, it gives me the opportunity to tell people that teal represents my cancer (ovarian), so it’s contributing to ovarian cancer awareness.

  44. Customer in Corfu, NY (verified owner)

    My daughter actually found the pins on-line. We were looking for something special to honor one my students who would have graduated this year. Mayte passed away after a long illness in February.

    We ordered 95 angel ribbon pins to wear at graduation. The graduates, administrators, teachers, Mayte’s family and even the custodian wore a pin on graduation day to remember Mayte. She was with all of us in spirit through the pins. Now everyone has a pin to wear whenever they wish to remember Mayte.

    We are also very happy that proceeds from the sale of the pins funds further cancer research.

    Thank you-
    Rita L Fischer

  45. Customer in Nh (verified owner)

    The pins are beautiful with the angels on top. Very good quality. Robust design and they do not move around.

  46. Customer in Portland OR (verified owner)

    Love my pin because people ask. Carcinoid is a rare cancer so it gives me the opportunity to share my story and raise awareness.

  47. Customer in Killeen, TX 76542 (verified owner)

    Want more!

  48. Customer in Saco, ME (verified owner)

    I was very pleased with the pins I purchased, they are a bit larger than a typical pin but that is what makes them so nice. I purchased 3 for different cancers and wear them everyday.

  49. Customer in Tucson, AZ (verified owner)

    The lavender ribbon is a nice reminder of how many people are afflicted with cancer every day. I chose this pin with the angel in remembrance of two of my girlfriend’s cousins who passed away last year. It is a joy to wear to spread awareness and remind us of how lucky we are in this life.

  50. Past Customer (verified owner)

    My sister passed away on 1-23-2017. I purchased the Angel pin in her honor, she was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer 14 months ago. The pins were for my other two sisters, myself and our mother. They are beautiful pins, and a reminder of the fighter she was while battling this horrific desiese.

  51. Customer in mississippi (verified owner)

    I love this pin. I am a medical provider who has had lung cancer and I put this over the pink cancer ribbon on my lab coat. I appreciate the donation to help others fighting cancer as well. God is good and I am happy to support this organization

  52. Customer in tomball, Tx (verified owner)

    Purchased the angel pins for myself and several co-workers. They all loved them and are proudly wearing them on their work vests.

  53. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I purchased the caregiver ribbons for our support group. Please know that the caregiver ribbon applies to all illnesses, not just cancer. These were higher quality than what I expected. I am so very pleased that I found these for our caregivers in our group. The price was great and they arrived in a very short time. I highly recommend these.

  54. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Amazingly fast delivery!

  55. Customer in Ensign, Kansas (verified owner)

    The Angel Ribbon Pins are beautiful. I am well pleased with them and would encourage others to buy them.

  56. Customer in 33334 (verified owner)

    Is well made and adorable will treasure iit . Thank you

  57. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Love my angel pin

  58. Past Customer (verified owner)

    This pin is awesome! I have lost 2 loved ones to colon and lung cancer. The angel pin reminds me of the earthly angels they were. It keeps my memories of them alive , as well as, supports a good cause. Thank you.

  59. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Just beautiful. Very inspirational.

  60. Customer in Connecticut (verified owner)

    Very good quality product that reminds me the challenges of cancer. I would recommend to other buyers. Transaction was quick and delivery was satisfactory.

  61. Customer in Baltimore, MD (verified owner)

    Absolutely love our purple pancreatic cancer angel pins!!!!! They came just in time for Mother’s Day and we couldn’t be happier!!!

  62. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I lost both of my parents to lung cancer 14 years apart, funny how this pin gives me some peace! Thank you for being priced reasonably and offering good quality items!

  63. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Just a reminder that Faith carries me through everything. Even my colon cancer challenge.

  64. Customer in Colorado Springs, CO (verified owner)

    Nice pins

  65. Customer in New Jersey (verified owner)

    I received this pin when my husband was diagnosed with lung cancer. It was comforting to wear. So much so that I had it tattooed on the inside of my wrist.

  66. Past Customer (verified owner)

    The pins came in on time, as I paid for rush shipping. They were individually wrapped and beautiful. People loved them at my mother-in-law’s funeral service. My only complaint is with customer service. I was spending a lot of money on these so I emailed asking if there was a coupon code I could use. That was the last week of October. I placed the order a few days later. It is now November 12th and no one has gotten back to me at all. It would have been nice to save a little bit or even just hear back from someone with a reply.

  67. Customer in Vegas (verified owner)

    It’s a cute pin

  68. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I love my pin. It is perfect for my purse to show support.

  69. Customer in Loveland (verified owner)

    Everyone can use an angel on their shoulder in their own color.

  70. Customer in Kettering, Ohio (verified owner)

    This pin is beautiful. It is very sturdy, & I love wearing it. I was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma earlier this year.

  71. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I bought this for my mom who is currently going through chemo. I love the little angel attached to the ribbon! She takes it with her to every treatment and is doing great!

  72. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I wear this pin with fond memories in all that it represents! I wear this for my Brother who lost his valiantly fought battle with honor and dignity at the age of 34. He will forever more live in my heart and all those who knew him and love him. For all you do in contributions exceeding $900,000 towards cancer research to eradicate this scourge, God Bless!

  73. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I ordered one of these angels because I liked the way she holds the ribbon. I ordered I think 4 more for family members. After I received the angel I was so happy with the quality of it I know everyone will enjoy wearing them in my honor.

  74. Customer in Carson City, Nevada (verified owner)

    Product is very well made. Have had many compliments

  75. Customer in Pittsfield, pa (verified owner)

    I bought two of these angel pins in memory of our Angel Armida, our daughter in law

  76. Customer in Ohio (verified owner)

    Quality is excellent. And a very “unique” Angel/Ribbon Pin. Very quick shipping, and received extremely fast. I would highly recommend ordering from ChooseHope. I give them 12 GOLD STARS!!!

    Thank you and warm regards

  77. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Fast delivery and beautiful gift

  78. Customer in van nuys ca (verified owner)

    my dad had prostate cancer and im looking for ribbons…

  79. Past Customer (verified owner)


  80. Customer in Spencerport (verified owner)

    I was not only very pleased with the quality of the Angel Ribbon Pins I order, but very impressed by the speed in which I received my order!

  81. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I ordered 4 of these pins for my family and had them shipped to my parents house for Christmas. They didn’t receive them so I wrote a review outlining that they weren’t delivered. A representative of this great company called me and said they would send 4 more to my family at their expense! I am blown away by their customer service as it was the USPS fault not Choose Hope. I will continue to purchase from them and recommend to everyone I know. Thank you Choose Hope for being such a wonderful company

  82. Customer in NC (verified owner)

    I first purchased this pin in lavender when I started working as a chaplain in the cancer unit of a local hospital last year. Later that same year when my mom was diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma I gave it to her on her first day of chemo. I now wear a plum caregiver one and I absolutely love everything about this pin. It started off as a way for me to stand in solidarity with my patients and their families. Then the meaning got a whole lot deeper. I’m so glad this product exists. It took a beating and still looks flawless.

  83. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I sing with a gospel quintet from our church. Our piano player (who is also the wife of one of our vocalists) was diagnosed with lung cancer last December. I bought the No one fights alone white wristbands for the group and we wore them in support of her this year. She passed away a few weeks ago. I bought these angel pins for each group member and we wore them at her funeral, and they will now be part of our uniform at performances, so that she is always with us. The pins are beautiful. Perfect size. Everyone who is seeing them is now wanting one. Wonderful product and a wonderful company.

  84. Customer in Hercules, CA (verified owner)

    We lost our sister to cancer recently, and I ordered these pins and had given them to family & friends at the wake
    to show my appreciation for their support during a difficult time in our lives. I must say, I was surprised at the quality
    for such an inexpensive pin. I had also ordered the “Hope for Cure” pins because they are more gender neutral (for the guys),
    and they are just as beautifully crafted. I’m just glad I found your website.

  85. Customer in Colorado (verified owner)

    I was amazed at the beauty and quality of the angel (I have an affinity for angels) with the periwinkle sash (ribbon) becoming part of the angel’s garment!

  86. Customer in Bakersfield,CA (verified owner)

    A friend recently passed away from liver cancer. We bought a bunch of these pins to hand out at her memorial service. The pins are a lot nicer than I expected and bigger than I thought they would be. Very nice quality also. Family and friends really appreciated these.

  87. Customer in wood ridge nj (verified owner)

    The angel ribbon pin is exceptionally well-made. Solid with deep color. I think I have about 10 — and they are heavy! Solid! Perfect! I only wish I didn’t know so many people with so many different cancers…but this pin is an excellent way to support them.

  88. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Great for gift giving!

  89. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Wonderful way to remember your angel that passed on from cancer

  90. Customer in Tooele UR (verified owner)

    Pin was for my mom. Good quality. She wears it every day.

  91. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Love everything about this pin. My mom and I wear it everyday in memory of my brother.

  92. Customer in Jacksonville Fl (verified owner)

    Wife was just diagnosed with lung cancer and I surprised her with pin. She LOVES it

  93. Customer in Bakersfield (verified owner)

    I loved the vibrant colors. The quality of the pins was much better than what I expected.

  94. Customer in Cleveland (verified owner)

    Purchased this pin in honor of my Mom, who recently passed away from Bladder Cancer. The pin is very good quality, the colors are beautiful, and it gives me comfort when I wear it.

  95. Customer in Denton, Texas (verified owner)

    Good quality pins and t-shirt. Fast shipping.

  96. Customer in Jacksonville,Fl. (verified owner)

    Since I am in remission of prostate cancer this is what I have been looking for. I looked for angel I could wear that meant I survived cancer. This is by far better than what I found. I really like the Angel because I believe I did have a Guardian Angel while I went thru Prostate Cancer treatment and this was what I wanted all along. I wear it out each time I go and if I am asked I tell the person that God sent down a Angel to watch over me and keep me safe. This would be the perfect gift for someone you might know facing the same problem. this is the certificate I received when I finished my treatent.
    Robert Ramey

  97. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I gave this Pin to my mom and she couldn’t be more pleased. Such a lovely pin and very beautifully designed.

  98. Customer in EVINGTON VA (verified owner)


  99. Customer in Mississippi (verified owner)

    this was a gift to my wife who is a cancer survivor , she loved it and wears it all time.

  100. Customer in United States (verified owner)

    I was worried that I might have spent money on something that was cheap looking. But no I was wrong Its Beautiful. quality is well worth it. Thank you.

  101. Customer in Drakes Branch, VA (verified owner)

    It is very hard to find white ribbons for lung and this company has all for great prices!

  102. Customer in Odessa, Fl (verified owner)

    Went and picked these beautiful angel pins up at the post office today, my main order was Burgundy and Ivory, in Support , Honor, Awareness , and sadly soon to be in Memory of my brother who has suffered with tongue and throat cancer. He did everything he could to give himself Hope and more time with his family only to have the cancer spread into his bones and lungs. He is my Hero , and will be Greatly Missed when Our Father calls him home. But I know he will be at peace , no longer in pain, forever young and handsome once again.. Cancer is a terrible thing. I had also purchased some plum angel pins in Honor of his caregivers , his wife and kids. I have family / friends that have cancer so I also purchased some lavander for all cancer types and some white angel pins for Lung cancer also for friends. When I found Choose Hope I had not to look any futher knowing that they donate money for cancer research. The Angel Pins are stunning, not to big and not to small but just right. I bought bulk got the better price and worth every penny. Will purchase again no doubt. Thank you Choose Hope, and May God Bless each and everyone suffering.

  103. Customer in Corpus Christi, TX (verified owner)

    These Angel Ribbon pins are an excellent gift for family members to wear in “support” of the cancer relative/friend and you can order in the color of the representative cancer. Everyone I have order them for love the angel as a reminder to send up a prayer for that person! Very affordable! Thanks-Jackie

  104. Customer in Florida (verified owner)

    The pin is beautiful and is a wonderful memorial to my son who died of metastatic colon cancer in May of this year. I purchased 13 of them for family members to wear as memorials. The Angel depicts completely how I feel about my son.
    Thank you for making them available.

  105. Customer in Nm (verified owner)

    My sister loved it!! So perfect she says!! Thank you!

  106. Past Customer (verified owner)

    These are much bigger than I thought they would be and are worth the money.

  107. Customer in georgia (verified owner)

    I love this angel pin. When I first saw it I immediately that of my mom who is my guardian angel. When I received it in the mail, it was even more beautiful to me. I wear it every day now in memory of my beautiful mom.

  108. Customer in Knoxville, TN (verified owner)

    I love the pin and I wear it to honor my friend who just passed away from pancreatic cancer. However, the backing of the pin is too loose and it fell off. The pin was poking my upper chest and then fell off my shirt. Fortunately, when I changed clothes I found the backing. But I can no longer wear the pin without first replacing the backing.

  109. Customer in Michigan (verified owner)

    Bought this for my twin sister, she takes me back & forth to treatments, she likes to give hubby a break.. The Angel Pin is very beautiful….my twin works in a factory, so she doesn’t wear jewelry….she has this on her wallet/purse. Great purchase.

  110. Customer in St. John’s, NL Canada (verified owner)

    Loved this item so much I ordered 3 for family and friends who are battling or have battled cancer.

  111. Customer in ohio (verified owner)

    got one of these for my mom and she totally loved it

  112. Customer in Baton Rouge, LA (verified owner)

    A beautiful, high quality pin. I will be buying more!

  113. Customer in Owosso, MI (verified owner)

    very tasteful

  114. Past Customer (verified owner)

    i love the pin. I will be pinning it to my badge when I return to work

  115. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Got a purple one and gave it to my mom for her birthday in memory of my dad

  116. Past Customer (verified owner)

    This is very nice worth every cent. Would purchase again.

  117. Customer in chicago (verified owner)

    loved the quality and size of the pin for the price!

  118. Past Customer (verified owner)

    The pins look really nice. I gave it a four stars because it did not get here on time for my family and I to use it for our great aunt’s funeral (still sad and angry at UPS), due to weather issues that UPS couldn’t send them here on time. It was suppose to get here by Thursday and I didn’t received them until Monday. (Not Choose Hope’s fault. They did send it out quick.) If you need these for emergencies, pay extra for the 3 day shipping, especially during winter.

  119. Customer in Arizona (verified owner)

    I love it and wear it with pride! This was the only site that had this pin and it represents the Cancer I am fighting and it gives me hope that someday there will be a cure for all Cancers!

  120. Customer in Canton, OH (verified owner)

    I support the fight! I wear it everyday! I wear it for my Mom who is fighting lung cancer.

  121. Customer in Kansas City (verified owner)

    The pin was noticeable, but in no way gaudy. We wore them for my uncle’s funeral, who passed away from pancreatic cancer.

  122. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I ordered the orange angel leukemia pins for family members to wear to my father’s funeral. They were perfect and everyone loved them.

  123. Customer in CT (verified owner)

    LOVED this Angel Ribbon Pin SO much. I should have ordered a few more for my other coats! Great quality and beautiful look. A constant reminder to me of my loved one. Wearing it in memory and with honor. Thank-you for these products that bring comfort to a hurting heart.

  124. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I thank it is amazing and I’m glad choose hope has all the stuff they do my mom past away so she is my angel and I’m proud of her she is the strongest person I know to go through what she did with a smile on her face she never lost hope she is my angel and wearing the angel pin over my heart is a simble and a reminder that she is and for ever will be with me . And I want to say THANK YOU to choose hope for having all they do

  125. Customer in United States (verified owner)

    They’re perfect to show your support!

  126. Customer in Columbus, GA (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this pin. I can wear it everyday as a reminder of my Mom’s fight and her love.

  127. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Very well made. Never had any issues.
    And they are very pretty.

  128. Past Customer (verified owner)

    This is a beautiful design that reminds us that the angels are taking our prayers of hope to God. It is very well made. Great as a gift or for yourself.

  129. Customer in Azusa, California (verified owner)

    I have purchased the angel ribbon pin. It’s a great opportunity to wear this pin of any cancer color. To inform people that there are other cancer colors other than Pink. This pin is very durable and never fades. The angel on top is my beloved brother that lost his battle at the age of 35 to colon cancer.

  130. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I cant find the color I want and I want them so bad

  131. Customer in Roxbury, NJ (verified owner)

    My mother has always been my guardian angel but as of 6 months ago, the Lord decided that was going to be her sole role from Heaven. I purchased these for myself, father and each of my brothers to use as they please. I have mine on my visor in my car, my father wears his on his shirt collar everyday and my brothers put theirs on their work bags. Not a single complaint on these, they can be used anywhere!!!

  132. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Lovely angel pins and very inexpensive!

  133. Customer in Port Tobacco, MD (verified owner)

    This is my second order of these pins. I first ordered 50 which were all gone/accounted for before I even received the shipment. So I have again placed an order for 50 more. I love that choose hope provides these items at a lower price when you purchase them in bulk. I am extremely satisfied with not only the service from Choose Hope, but with the quality of the pins as well. I would definitely order from them again

  134. Customer in San Antonio, Texas (verified owner)


  135. Customer in Lancing (verified owner)

    I lost my stepmom to colon cancer a cpl yrs ago and am getting married next march this pin will be my something blue im going to have on me for the wedding in her honor so she will be there with me too. i love the pin.

  136. Customer in Crown Point (verified owner)

    These pins are beautifully made and are great quality, The only con is the backs dont stick on the pins real good. My fiance lost hers the day she got it but luckly someone at her job found it now we just need a new back

  137. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Bought my mom this pin when my dad was having a surgery. She wears it everyday

  138. Customer in HUNTINGDON PA (verified owner)

    They look very well made, very nice looking, and they are what people are looking for. Thanks.

  139. Customer in Kansas City (verified owner)

    I just was diagnosed wirh thyroid cancer and I really like this pin but I am looking more something like a pendant so I would like to know if there is anyway this pin can be use as a pendant?

  140. Customer in Zebulon,NC (verified owner)

    love it

  141. Customer in Melbourne, FL (verified owner)

    Love this pin. I wear it on my hats and I wish I had purchased a couple more!

  142. Customer in Jonesboro/Arkansas (verified owner)

    This product is great. You advertised it correctly. I found dimensions on the website. I wanted a braclet that was thick not thin.

  143. Customer in Elk Grove (verified owner)

    As I celebrate my 5-year cancerversary I am giving these pins to my doctors and to others who played key roles in my cancer journey. Each pin has been receive with glowing comments, not only for my journey, but for the beauty of the pin.

  144. Customer in Saint Paul, NE (verified owner)

    I was so impressed with the bracelets that I had purchased that I bought a ribbon pin for my friend. She loves it and wears it all the time. To be honest, considering the price I thought it would look cheap or cheesy. I was wrong – it’s very pretty and looks expensive.

  145. Customer in wood ridge nj (verified owner)

    I have too many of these because so many I love have been affected by cancer — but they are absolutely beautiful. Well made, and the angel gives me more hope than just the plain ribbon. Definitely recommend.

  146. Customer in Tegucigalpa, Honduras (verified owner)

    My sister in law had pancreatic cancer and she died recently. It has been very hard for us and we wanted to honor her and her great courage facing cancer so we bought the Ribbon of Hope Pin for Pancreatic Cancer to created awareness and its a way that she will always be with us. She loved angels and one of her favorite colors was purple, so it was perfect. Its beautiful

  147. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Very pretty and nice

  148. Customer in Salisbury (verified owner)

    The quality is surprisingly high considering the low cost. As a recent survivor of tonsil cancer, I am proud to present these as gifts to a few special friends who were truly my Angels of Hope.

  149. Customer in Merrill, WI (verified owner)

    I have ordered several of these, and just love them. My mom passed of bladder cancer 11/7/12, and these are a wonderful reminder of her.

  150. Customer in San Juan, PR (verified owner)

    This is a great pin, small enough to go in every shirt but big enough to be noticed and strike a conversation. I gave one to all the females in my family in support of my aunt!

  151. Customer in N Las Vegas, NV (verified owner)

    I bought this pin for my mother who was recently diagnosed with stomach cancer. She can wear it and know that there is already a guardian angel by her side! It was a great gift.

  152. Customer in connecticut (verified owner)

    When my mother was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma our family was devastated. This pin reminds us all that there is always prayer. It reminds others that we all have our struggles. And it reminds her that she is never alone. There is always an angel watching over her.

  153. Past Customer (verified owner)

    These pins are Beautiful angel pins…very clear, great size, strong post. You’ll be very happy with this product and can’t beat the price!

  154. Customer in Gatineau,QC Canada (verified owner)

    These pins are very good quality, they sell well and I would recommend them to anyone.The only thing that is missing is the type of cancer it represents since I bought the orange for leukemia and that color represents two different cancers. Thank you very much for the good work you do.

  155. Customer in Saint Clair, Michigan (verified owner)

    This pin was very beautiful. It was a little larger than I was expecting, so that was a nice surprise. It was also very nicely made and high quality. I was very pleased with my order.

  156. Customer in Milwaukee, WI (verified owner)

    Bought this for the person who is walking in the cancer relay for me. It is adorable.

  157. Customer in VA (verified owner)

    I purchased these pins to be worn at my mother-in-law’s funeral service. They are nicer than expected. These meant a lot to a lot of people and we were able to keep them to wear in memory of her.

  158. Customer in Los Angeles, CA (verified owner)


  159. Customer in Chrisman, IL (verified owner)

    This was just the reminder we needed with us at the beginning of my family’s journey with cancer.

  160. Customer in Clermont, FL (verified owner)

    This pin is nice as it comes in all of the cancer colors and has the little angel attached to it makes it different than most pins. It was worth the price and I do recommend it to all cancer victims, survivors & caregivers!

  161. Customer in Lynn indiana (verified owner)

    It is a GREAT idea, but the pin broke the next day. The back fell off.

  162. Customer in Abingdon/Maryland (verified owner)

    I get a lot of compliments on this pin. It fits her well.. I feel like she’s watching over me when I have this on.

  163. Customer in morgantown,wv (verified owner)

    I put the pin on each coat I have and it is a study reminder there is an angel watching over me and by his stripes I am healed

  164. Customer in Rockland, MA (verified owner)

    I have this affixed to my purse now. I love it, it’s an adorable and amazing little message of hope.

  165. Customer in Winter Haven FL (verified owner)

    bought these as gifts for my sisters, in memory of my sister who died of colon cancer —

  166. Past Customer (verified owner)

    This pin was even more beautiful in person. It was bigger than I thought, but in a good way. I purchased the teal and white one for cervical cancer awareness.

  167. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Loved these, my mom had gotten our family one before she passed away and some had gotten lost so I wanted to replace them. Great product!!

  168. Customer in Yorktown, VA (verified owner)

    I was impressed with the angel Pin.

  169. Customer in charlottesville, va (verified owner)

    Love my angel! This beautiful pin has started may discussions about my cancer and my gardian angel. My daughters have asked to have them too to support me in my treatments. They look great on anything and hold tight. I wear mine daily.

  170. Customer in Budd Lake (verified owner)

    My family wears ours everyday to show our support.
    Your products are wonderful and the cost is very affordable!!!
    I have shared your site with many of my friends!!!
    Thank You!!!

  171. Customer in Rotonda West ,Fl. (verified owner)

    I loved the Ribbon of Hope Pins. I am using them for a fund raiser for My Relay for Life Team. So for we sold 18 at 2 of our fund raisers We have another one this weekend. I know we will sell more there. Thank you

  172. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I got several of these pins to support the friends and family who are fighting, have survived and have passed away from cancer. I routinely wear them and rotate them out as a symbol of my love for them. I always get many compliments on them. Great purchase.

  173. Customer in Pennsylvania (verified owner)

    Love this pin! Wear it everyday!
    Get many compliments on it as well as asking what it’s for.

  174. Customer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (verified owner)

    This product is great! just what I was looking for. Will surely tell my friends and family about your website.

  175. Customer in Youngsville/NC (verified owner)

    I ordered the Esophageal Cancer ribbon of Hope Pin as a gift. The Pin is beautiful! Thank you

  176. Customer in Tuscaloosa AL (verified owner)

    This ribbon pin is absolutely beautiful.

  177. Customer in Hampstead, NC (verified owner)

    These pins are exactly as described in the product description, and they are the perfect size to wear on any occasion. I am very please with this purchase, and would recommend this product to anyone interested.

  178. Past Customer (verified owner)

    These pins are beautiful and tasteful. Many folks have seen the ribbon pins and have asked me where to get these lovely Hope Pins. They make great gifts for those you support and those who support you.

  179. Customer in Pueblo, CO (verified owner)

    I love the angel. It adds so much to the ribbon!

  180. Customer in Raven VA (verified owner)

    Love the pins . Great quality

  181. Customer in Richmond / TX (verified owner)

    Dissapointed!!! The backing won’t stay on so I can’t wear it for fear of losing it.

  182. Customer in San Marcos CA (verified owner)

    I think of this as my “mom” pin. I proudly wear this every day on whatever I happen to be wearing. My son is fighting Bladder Cancer and all the angels we can have on our side can only be a good thing! I think it could also be worn as a loving memorial to someone who might have passed on from this disease, but I like to think of it as my talisman.

  183. Customer in Louisburg, NC (verified owner)

    Theses pins are so adorable with the little angle holding the ribbon! I got one for myself and all of my sisters to show support for my father.

  184. Customer in Midland Texas (verified owner)

    My son bought this pin for me and I wear it to every event, when I go shopping and I sometimes get asked what it’s for and I have absolutely no problem telling them! It’s also made very well and it actually gives me hope knowing I have my angel on my shoulder! Thank you!

  185. Customer in Sag Harbor, NY (verified owner)

    We are so pleased with the quality of these pins. The design is very pretty, and they are very well constructed.

  186. Customer in Atlanta/GA (verified owner)

    My mother was diagnosed with AML in August of last year. She was worried that her chemo would leave her feeling crumby over the holidays. She is a vibrant and positive person, and I wanted to do something to lift her spirits.

    She has always had a thing for angels. I bought four of these pins as gifts; one for her, one for my grandmother, and two for my sister, including a grey one so that she could show support for her boyfriend, whose father has recently battled brain cancer.

    The pins are beautiful and were a big hit. They allowed me to give my mother a small and constant reminder that she always has angels on her side.


  187. Customer in Cleveland, OH (verified owner)

    This product exceeded my expectations. I bought one for all the females in my family to support my mother with pancreatic cancer. Everyone who sees the angel on our lapel wants one of their own.

  188. Customer in Pittsburgh, PA (verified owner)

    I bought this pin for almost everyone in my family, and I’ll be buying some more some time soon, too!

    Even though it’s very feminine looking, I gave my dad one and he put it right on the new coat I got him for Christmas!

    I wear mine on my own coat everyday and have never had a problem with it falling off or chipping or anything. I get compliments on it all the time!

  189. Customer in St Louis, MO (verified owner)

    The patients and staff members that purchased these felt very blessed to have the opportunity to show such support. The angel made them feel as if they were never alone. They are a great quality and beautiful.

  190. Customer in Los Angeles, CA (verified owner)

    I was very satisfied with the product(s) I purchased! They are meant to be a Christmas gift to my sisters from me and I feel its going to be one of the best presents EVER! I am Catholic so I am planning on having them be blessed before giving it to them. The angel embracing the ribbon to me is a symbolic figure of our mom whom passed away from Lymphoma 4 months ago. In having my sisters wear this pin (along with one I got myself and my 1 yr old daughter too), I feel it’s a symbol that our mom, although she’s in heaven, will always be close to us just like the pin we will wear. Thank You Choose Hope! I was very happy with this purchase!

  191. Customer in Indianapolis (verified owner)

    I love these little pins. I wear mine on my white dr coat at work!

  192. Customer in Iowa (verified owner)

    I love the Ribbon of Hope pin!! I have one to wear in honor of my father who has Pancreatic Cancer. It is elegant, beautiful and awesome. I love it and will be buying more items from this company. Thank you for all the items that you provide for cancer awareness!!!

  193. Customer in NY (verified owner)

    It is great to be able to get something other than a pink ribbon! I bought several of these and gave to family members in support of a cure for all cancers and in memory of my mother who we lost to lung and brain cancer. Great quality, quick shipping.

  194. Customer in SACRAMENTO (verified owner)

    Good price, sturdy, and you can put it anywhere

  195. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Very nice quality! Exceeded expectations for the price. Fast shipping and great service here.

  196. Customer in FL (verified owner)

    These pins are beautiful, and they are for a great cause. I purchased ones in different colors, and they look great.

  197. Customer in Girardville, PA (verified owner)

    My husband bought this for me, along with a few other products, for my 2nd anniversary of being cancer free. She currently is tucked into my visor in my car and she goes everywhere with me. Great detail and beauty! She is soon going to be my tatoo to commemorate my fight and win of the battle.

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