Embrace Hope Ribbon Bracelet

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Embrace Life, Embrace Love, Embrace Hope! This Embrace Hope Ribbon Bracelet will serve as a constant reminder that hope is everlasting.

  • Handcrafted of cat’s eye beads, daisy spacers and siver ribbon
  • Available in a large variety of cancer colors
  • Strong stretchy elastic makes this bracelet one-size-fits-all
  • Comes ready for gift-giving with a cancer awareness card
  • Formerly Item #B220

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Embrace Hope Ribbon Bracelet - Dark Blue - Colon CancerDark Blue - Colon Cancer$16.00

5 in stock

Embrace Hope Ribbon Bracelet - Emerald Green - Liver CancerEmerald Green - Liver Cancer$16.00

3 in stock

Embrace Hope Ribbon Bracelet - Grey - Brain CancerGrey - Brain Cancer$16.00

3 in stock

Embrace Hope Ribbon Bracelet - Lavender - All CancersLavender - All Cancers$16.00

5 in stock

Embrace Hope Ribbon Bracelet - Lime – LymphomaLime – Lymphoma$16.00

6 in stock

Embrace Hope Ribbon Bracelet - Orange - Kidney Cancer & LeukemiaOrange - Kidney Cancer & Leukemia$16.00

5 in stock

Embrace Hope Ribbon Bracelet - Peach - Uterine CancerPeach - Uterine Cancer$16.00

6 in stock

Embrace Hope Ribbon Bracelet - Pink - Breast CancerPink - Breast Cancer$16.00

5 in stock

Embrace Hope Ribbon Bracelet - Purple - Leiomyosarcoma & Pancreatic CancerPurple - Leiomyosarcoma & Pancreatic Cancer$16.00

4 in stock

Embrace Hope Ribbon Bracelet - Teal - Ovarian CancerTeal - Ovarian Cancer$16.00

5 in stock

Embrace Hope Ribbon Bracelet - Teal/Pink/Blue - Thyroid CancerTeal/Pink/Blue - Thyroid Cancer$16.00

6 in stock

Embrace Hope Ribbon Bracelet - White - Lung CancerWhite - Lung Cancer$16.00

4 in stock


Additional information

Weight 1.1 oz
Dimensions 3 × 0.5 × 3 in

Dark Blue – Colon Cancer, Emerald Green – Liver Cancer, Gold – Childhood Cancer, Grey – Brain Cancer, Lavender – All Cancers, Lime – Lymphoma, Orange – Kidney Cancer & Leukemia, Peach – Uterine Cancer, Pink – Breast Cancer, Periwinkle – Esophageal & Stomach Cancers, Purple – Leiomyosarcoma & Pancreatic Cancer, Teal – Ovarian Cancer, Teal/White – Cervical Cancer, Teal/Pink/Blue – Thyroid Cancer, White – Lung Cancer





7 reviews for Embrace Hope Ribbon Bracelet

  1. Anita Proctor (verified owner)

    This was the first item I purchased from Choose Hope. I was very pleased with it. It’s so pretty and the quality is very good. Thought the price was very reasonable for how lovely it is. Glad I found this website. Bought this bracelet for a close friend and I will definitely buy more items from them for other people with cancer diagnoses.

  2. Customer in Moscow, KS (verified owner)

    My husband was diagnosed with colon cancer in April of 2019. I lost my Mother to colon cancer. I want to show the support to my wonderful husbad through this journey. My 3 daughter in laws also wanted to show their support also. I love my beautiful bracelet and wear it daily. I am very proud to wear it.
    Thank you very much for the fast delivery and the great quality.

  3. Customer in Montgomery, AL (verified owner)

    I wanted a cancer awareness bracelet that was also pretty jewelry. I think this one fits those roles. It’s in my cancer color of peach and is an attractive bracelet to wear with anything.

  4. Customer in PA (verified owner)

    Purchased Embrace Hope Ribbon bracelet for a friend who lost her father to CRC. She was so touched! It was the perfect, personal item to send quickly to let her know I was thinking about her even though we are states away from one another.

  5. Customer in Salisbury NC (verified owner)

    I purchased this after renal cell carcinoma decided to return.I LOVE this bracelet. I have not taken it off since I received it (except for washing dishes and showering).Much nicer than others that I’ve seen and the price is great. I would love to have a necklace that matches.If you are undecided about purchasing you will not regret buying one.

  6. Past Customer (verified owner)

    These bracelets are very well made and beautiful. The colors are true. Since I am a survivor of cervical, ovarian and uterine cancer, I wear the bracelets together. The bracelets are a bit heavy, but wearing 2 together is still not too much. Love them. They are a sign of strength for me.

  7. Customer in Oklahoma City (verified owner)

    Bracelets are very pretty and I would consider buying one, but there isn’t one for cervical cancer. Do you plan to add that to the collection of available colors??

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