No One Fights Alone® Friendship Necklace w/ Ribbon Charm (Set of 2)

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Exclusive to Choose Hope, our No One Fights Alone® Friendship Necklace will truly show your loved one that they are not alone on their cancer journey.  Beautifully packaged as a 2-piece set, these necklaces offer a split ribbon and are meant to be shared with that special person who will know they are loved and supported, even when you are apart. This set is a contemporary take on the ‘Best Friend’ necklace and is ideal for someone newly diagnosed or just beginning treatment. Each of you wears one half of the whole ribbon, and each necklace sends the powerful message that no one fights alone! Comes with a cancer ribbon charm on each necklace in the color of your choice!

  • Features a brushed recessed partial ribbon
  • Measures 1″ x .75″
  • Contemporary take on a smaller, faceted and feminine ball-style chain that measures 18″ with a 2″ extender and charm
  • Lead-free, nickel-free and cadmium-free
  • Formerly Item #N225
Weight 0.8 oz
Dimensions 1.5 × 0.2 × 10 in
Cancer Type

All Cancers – Lavender, All Cancers – Silver, Anal Cancer – Purple/Green, Appendix Cancer – Amber, Bladder Cancer – Marigold/Blue/Purple, Brain Cancer – Grey, Breast Cancer – Pink, Cervical Cancer – Teal/White, Childhood Cancer – Gold, Colon Cancer – Dark Blue, Esophageal Cancer – Periwinkle, Gallbladder/Bile Duct Cancer – Kelly, Head & Neck Cancers – Burgundy/Ivory, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma – Violet, Honor Caregivers – Plum, Kidney Cancer – Orange, Leiomyosarcoma – Purple, Leukemia – Orange, Liver Cancer – Emerald Green, Lung Cancer – White, Lymphoma – Lime, Melanoma – Black, Metastatic Breast Cancer – Green/Teal/Pink, Multiple Myeloma – Burgundy, Neuroendocrine & Rare Cancers – Zebra Stripe, Ovarian Cancer – Teal, Pancreatic Cancer – Purple, Prostate Cancer – Light Blue, Sarcoma/Bone Cancer – Yellow, Stomach Cancer – Periwinkle, Testicular Cancer – Orchid, Thyroid Cancer – Teal/Pink/Blue, Uterine Cancer – Peach

19 reviews for No One Fights Alone® Friendship Necklace w/ Ribbon Charm (Set of 2)

  1. Customer in Candler, N.C. (verified owner)

    I purchased the “No One Fights Alone” necklace for my wife who is now done with Chemo treatments and is in remission. I gave one to my daughter so they could wear the necklace on the same days to show others that no one fights alone in this battle of cancer. There is strength in numbers when it comes to support. This was a visual way to show we fight this together.

  2. Customer in Toronto (verified owner)

    I’m sadly disappointed in this product, during my battle my wife and I wear both and we love it. The problem is they are so brittle the chain breaks so easy, now We’re not able to wear them due to this.
    Wish the chain was stronger or offer a better option, as we really enjoy wearing them. We are looking to replace them with stronger ones.

  3. Past Customer (verified owner)

    My daughter, Amanda has been with me every step of the way. She’s been there for me from the diagnosis, through 27 chemo treatments, CT scans, 10 radiation therapies, and now Immunatherapy. I ordered a set of two with white ribbons, one for me, and one for her. They are absolutely STUNNING ! The card they come on is beautiful too. We both proudly wear them.

  4. Customer in Rochester MN (verified owner)

    Bought this necklace/dog tags for friend whose struggling with bladder cancer. This is her second round. Hopefully this will lift her spirits and be a fighter! I told her from the get go with are in this together and we will fight it. So my fingers are crossed for a complete recovery and long life! Love you Bugs!


  5. Customer in Akron, Ohio (verified owner)

    I purchased these matching necklaces for my daughter-in-law and my brave granddaughter so they can have a little something to share the bond as my granddaughter continues to fight her cancer. I was told they arrived packaged beautifully and both ladies love them.
    Also purchased the riveted leather bracelets for my son, wife and myself. Great product!

  6. Customer in Wisconsin (verified owner)

    I bought this necklace for a friend who is battling leukemia . She absolutely loves this necklace, she wears one and I wear the other. I am very happy with this product.

  7. Customer in Georgia (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the “No One Fights Alone necklaces I purchased for my sister and I following our mom’s transition after her battle with uterine cancer. She kicked cancer’s butt and my sister and I are proud to wear the necklaces in memory of our mom. 🙂

  8. Customer in Michigan (verified owner)

    My close friend was diagnosed with lung cancer. Her sister has been by her side. This necklace was perfect for them

  9. Past Customer (verified owner)

    My husband is fighting for his life, but not one to wear jewelry except his wedding ring and watch, so I got this for our daughter and me. She lives 1000 miles away and having a physical talisman between us has been good.

    The necklace is a good size (noticeable, but not huge) and the attached ribbon is subtle. I got the small crystal charm in caregiver’s plum, which adds on nicely. I had to remove the end ring to slip it on and replaced that with a split ring for security. At first I wished it was sterling, but it’s easier to keep this clean. Where it rests on my skin collects skin oils, which are easily wiped off with a piece of eyeglasses cloth.

    Although this is not our first cancer rodeo (mother and father, plus hubby 15 years ago), it’s the first time I’ve thought to look for something like this. We are not disappointed.

  10. Customer in Utah (verified owner)

    Actually didn’t meet my needs because I liked them well enough to want more of them!

  11. Past Customer (verified owner)

    These are just so sweet. I bought them for my niece and myself. She is currently at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN undergoing 6-7 weeks of chem and radiation for a malignant brain tumor. I wanted her to have her half as a reminder that she was constantly on my mind and in my prayers.

  12. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Purchased this for a family member who was recently diagnosed with Cancer. I loved the fact that there would be one for me one for them. It’s the perfect little something to give to a loved one. It arrived on time and everything was as it should be. I anticipated the charms to be a little larger but I am very happy with the size! I would certainly order from this company again!

  13. Customer in Wilmington NC (verified owner)

    My best friend and I love the necklaces, however the clasps on the chains both broke after 3 days.

  14. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Perfect Christmas gift

  15. Past Customer (verified owner)

    We are standing with my sister and many of us are wearing our half and sending her half with our names. Praying and believing for a miracle!
    Thank you for product!

  16. Customer in North Carolina (verified owner)

    These necklaces shipped so quickly and were such good quality! My favorite shop!

  17. Customer in LaBelle,Florida (verified owner)

    I really like the No One Fights Alone Friendship Ribbon Necklace and as always shipping is very fast

  18. Jenny (verified owner)

    I ordered this for my mom and myself. She loves the necklace and knowing that I have one as well. The product is perfect and shipping was very fast. I really appreciate this product.

  19. Melissa Russell (verified owner)

    I purchased these necklaces for my friend and I after her lung cancer diagnosis. I was thrilled with the product when I received them (which was about September 26th 2020 if I recall correctly). My friend loved them and we both cried. Fast forward to a month later (10/29/20) and my necklace chain is discoloring, the words on the black in the words on the necklace is wearing off, and the back of the charm is also becoming discolored. I wear the necklace daily but I don’t wear it when showering or anything. My skin is hit or miss with jewelry and I had a terrible rash today and realized it was from the necklace and, after I inspected the necklace, I saw all the wear. I don’t know how well her necklace is panning out but I’ll be asking. I’ll probably just hang mine in my car or something as decoration but I’m pretty disappointed at the product quality. I didn’t expect it to be stellar since it wasn’t super costly but I at least expected it to hold up better than it did.

    In trying to include some positives, the packaging that it came in was cute and the shipping time was great. I had my product 3 days after the email was sent that it had shipped.

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