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This gorgeous, eye-catching bracelet is a Choose Hope favorite! Aptly named Pearls of Hope, it features silver plated beads with three stuffing Swarovski® Pearls and Rondelle spacers. Designed and handmade exclusively for Choose Hope, it is the perfect gift for you and your loved ones.

  • Strong stretchy elastic makes it one-size-fits-all
  • Available in all cancer awareness colors
  • Formerly Item #B515


Weight 0.4 oz
Dimensions 3 × 0.5 × 3 in
Cancer Type

All Cancers – Lavender, Appendix Cancer – Amber, Bladder Cancer – Marigold/Blue/Purple, Brain Cancer – Grey, Breast Cancer – Pink, Cervical Cancer – Teal/White, Childhood Cancer – Gold, Colon Cancer – Dark Blue, Esophageal Cancer – Periwinkle, Gallbladder/Bile Duct Cancer – Kelly, Head & Neck Cancers – Burgundy/Ivory, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma – Violet, Honor Caregivers – Plum, Kidney Cancer – Orange, Leiomyosarcoma – Purple, Leukemia – Orange, Liver Cancer – Emerald Green, Lung Cancer – White, Lymphoma – Lime, Melanoma – Black, Multiple Myeloma – Burgundy, Neuroendocrine & Rare Cancers – Zebra Stripe, Ovarian Cancer – Teal, Pancreatic Cancer – Purple, Prostate Cancer – Light Blue, Sarcoma/Bone Cancer – Yellow, Stomach Cancer – Periwinkle, Testicular Cancer – Orchid, Thyroid Cancer – Teal/Pink/Blue, Uterine Cancer – Peach

51 reviews for Pearls of Hope Bracelet

  1. Customer in Groton New York (verified owner)

    My Husband has Brain cancer, I bought The Pearls of Hope Bracelet for Brain Cancer it is Gray and it is so Beautiful.Never lose Hope

  2. Past Customer (verified owner)

    For the a low priced item it was beautiful with excellent quality. Very pleased.

  3. Customer in Maryland (verified owner)

    I love the quality and look of the bracelet, and probably would have given five stars for another cancer, but the pearls of the breast cancer bracelet were so pale, they almost didn’t look pink…:(

  4. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I loved my bracelets when my order came. The look and quality are wonderful. Very impressed.

  5. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Lovely bracelet. Fits well. I ordered the purple bracelet to wear is support of a friend who is dealing with pancreatic cancer. My only issue (4 stars) with the bracelet is due to the fact that the purple is so dark, that some have commented on the lovely black pearl bracelet. Others think the color is a dark navy. It looks black to me. I think it is a pretty & well made/designed bracelet, and will keep it.

  6. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Love this bracelet

  7. Past Customer (verified owner)

    For the price, this is a beautiful piece. We bought these for all the women in our family to pay tribute to a family member we lost to ovarian cancer in October. Everyone loves them. It’s just a way for all of us to have a piece to remind of us of her everyday. Thank you.

  8. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I purchased several of these bracelets for family in honor of my Dad who passed away in January of this year from lung cancer. These bracelets are beautiful and everyone loved them. This was a great purchase.

  9. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Everyone loved these bracelets, they are beautiful for a cancer survivor or just for a gift for anyone.

  10. Customer in Des Moines, Iowa (verified owner)

    Very happy with my purchases of the Pearls of Hope bracelet. My cousin in England was diagnosed just before Christmas with Stage IV ovarian cancer and I feel a long way away without the ability to physically support her and our family. I have now purchased a total of 11 bracelets for my cousins, aunts and second cousins to wear in England, as well as for my daughter and I here in the U.S. so we can be connected in our support by these bracelets. They are simple but classy and reasonably priced. I heard today that the first 5 bracelets had arrived in England and will be shared later this week. Thank you.

  11. Customer in Indiana (verified owner)

    I was so happy with the bracelet I ordered for myself as I fight recurring uterine cancer that I ordered one for a close friend who is going through recurring breast cancer.

  12. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I have ordered several times from this website, and have been pleased with the cost, merchandise, and delivery time. I have a brother in law who has stage 4 colon cancer, so being able to purchase from this website is very near and dear to me.

  13. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I wasn’t sure what to expect with this bracelet…..the photo on-line showed a nicely made bracelet but you never know til you receive the product. Well, I am so happy with this bracelet I purchased several for my family as thank you gifts for their support through this cancer journey. I would highly recommend this product as a gift or for yourself!

  14. Customer in tewksbury, ma. (verified owner)

    I received my bracelet from a friend after my husband was diagnosed with bladder cancer. What a nice surprise and what a pretty bracelet. Well I loved mine so much I ordered one for my Mother, Daughter, DIL, Sister, and SIL. I get lots of compliments when I wear it. I like the fact it looks like an ordinary bracelet and doesn’t scream “Cancer”. I know what it stands for and when someone compliments on it I tell them what it stands for.

  15. Customer in Ohio (verified owner)

    Very pretty and comfortable. Pricing and shipping costs are very reasonable. Will be ordering again in the future. 🙂

  16. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this bracelet. The fact of it being stretchy is perfect for me since I have a small wrist. I was concerned about color orange. But it is very nice. Looks more like deep peach. Very pretty.

  17. Customer in Tennessee (verified owner)

    It is very pretty. The beads do not look like pearls. I was disappointed by that, but not enough to send them back. S.Myers

  18. Customer in Hampton, Va. (verified owner)

    My husband is currently battling head and neck cancer, and this has been going on since 2001. He went into remission after a year of radiation, and the remission lasted for 11 years. He has gone in and out of remission, mostly out while enduring chemo and proton therapy. He is a shell of a man, but he’s still fighting. I was so thrilled that there are bracelets for every type. I ordered 3, one for me and one each for each of our twin girls. They have taken over taking care of both of us, and we are so blessed to have them. We love the bracelets because they are not just a generic color, but a color that represents his particular form of cancer. It is a reminder that August 19th we will have been married 45 years. If God is with us Mac will be with us ,too. Thank you for giving us something we can wear in celebration of his life. I hope I can order more if friends want one. God bless you and your company for this wonderful bracelet.

  19. Customer in Annapolis, MD (verified owner)

    I love the look of this bracelet. It was exactly what I was looking for to replace the rubber “Prostate Cancer Awareness” bracelet that I have been wearing. After a couple weeks, the beads all turned black and lost all of their luster. I was hoping that it would have lasted longer. It would be great if someone could design a ‘sterling silver’ bracelet that isn’t going to change color or tarnish. Pretty bracelet, just disappointed in the material used.

  20. Past Customer (verified owner)

    This was a beautiful gift for my mother-in-law who just had a double mastectomy. It was received with smiles and she wears it now. It is a very pretty bracelet and can be worn dressy or casual. I love all your products and cannot write a review for everything I have ordered but cannot say enough good things about everything I have ordered and the helpfulness of your people answering the phones. it is a wonderful company and I back everything you sell 100%. How nice to know you also give back to cancer research!

  21. Customer in Alabama (verified owner)

    Ordered this bracelet for a co-worker completing her second course of chemo for lymphoma. She loved it! It looks great on her wrist and looks like it costs more. Purchased the Lime Green for lymphoma.

  22. Customer in Calgary, Alberta (verified owner)

    I bought this for myself very shortly after my mom passed away from her 4 month battle. I fell in love with it. I got so many compliments on it as well and was considering buying more as gifts for family. However I’m not pleased with the quality as it started tarnishing very quickly. If they were a better material I would definitely be recomending them to others. I have had no issues with anything else I have ordered on here though:-)

  23. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Was happy to get and wear this bracelet to support my husband, but not even 2 weeks went past before the bracelet turned black and left a black mark on my arm. Would not recommend. Spent $15. Next time will donate directly to the cause.

  24. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I ordered the Pearl of Hope bracelets in gray for my six sisters, my daughter and granddaughter, a friend and myself to support my brother’s fight with Glioblastoma. When I saw the bracelets on your website, they just spoke to me. They are just as pretty as they look on the website. We have all received so many compliments on them which prompts the conversation of why they were purchased. I have told a number of people about your company and I’m sure they will purchase bracelets themselves because, unfortunately, we all know people who are dealing with cancer. I’ll be buying a few more myself for other family members. Thank you so much for making such a beautiful bracelet for such a devastating disease. I “Choose Hope”!

  25. Past Customer (verified owner)

    It looks and fits great!

  26. Past Customer (verified owner)

    My husband has colon cancer. Purchased this to wear and honor him. The look and quality are very impressive for the price.

  27. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I ordered 6 Pearls of Hope bracelets for our group of long time friends. I ordered the grey, as one of us is fighting brain cancer.
    Joyce at Choose Hope was in contact with me immediately about a possible (very slight) delay in our order, and I actually received them sooner than I thought I would.
    All 6 of us think that the bracelets are lovely, and we are so very glad that we ordered them.
    I would recommend them to everyone. They are very pretty, and reasonably priced.

  28. Customer in Leesburg, VA (verified owner)

    I love this bracelet but I just purchased it and it has already turned gray lost its luster 🙁

  29. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Love the bracelet! Super fast shipping. Will probably oder another one. Thank you!

  30. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Love this bracelet, it’s delicate and beautiful and reminds me of my mother when I wear it. I haven’t worn it a lot so I don’t know how it will perform with exposure to water and long term use.

  31. Customer in Wisconsin (verified owner)

    I bought this in remembrance of my Mom and it is beautiful.

  32. Customer in SAINT ELMO ILL (verified owner)


  33. Customer in tucson, Arizona (verified owner)

    These bracelets are absolutely beautiful.

  34. Customer in England (verified owner)

    I’m in love with my bracelet! I lost my beautiful dog of 11 years due to Leukemia just a few days before I ordered it. The pearls are beautiful and now he can come with me wherever I go…

  35. Past Customer (verified owner)

    My husband has Glioblastoma and I bought about 15 of these bracelets for family. I loved the bracelets but for my sister-in-law and I our silver rubbed off the silver beads and they look copper colored.

  36. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Ordered this for my mom who was just diagnosed with Cervical Cancer… it’s beautiful! I hope my mom will love it as much as I do!

  37. Customer in Clearwater, FL (verified owner)

    My husband was diagnosed with Head & Neck Cancer almost 3 years ago. After two surgeries, radiation, chemo and a clinical trial, he lost his battle 3 months ago. My daughter found this website and my children and I all ordered a variety of items. I loved this bracelet and ordered it. Unfortunately after wearing it a couple of months, the silver beads have turned. I cleaned it with a jewelry cloth regularly but it did not help. Both of my daughters have had theirs turn also. I guess we will all be ordering more as we really like it.

  38. Customer in Falcon CO (verified owner)

    I bought this bracelet in honor of my dearest friend who was diagnosed with ovarian/cervical cancer. The silver beads turned / tarnished. I have attempted to clean the beads without success.

  39. Customer in Review (verified owner)

    The silver pearls have begun to turn dark. No longer silver

  40. Customer in Massachusetts (verified owner)

    I purchased 3 bracelets, one each for breast, lung and esophageal cancers and each recipient was extremely delighted with the bracelet. The quality is astounding, not to mention how pretty they look on the wrist. So attractive. I would not hesitate to recommend.

  41. Customer in Kentucky (verified owner)

    Thank you for the quick shipping and the pearls of hope bracelet. I was able to order in the specific color of cancer my loved one is fighting. I have received compliments on it already.


  42. Customer in Kent WA (verified owner)

    I LOVE THIS PEARLS OF HOPE BRACELET!!! It is gorgeous, well made but yet lightweight on my wrist. I was a bit skeptical when I purchased it along with the No One Fights Alone wristband but now I’m convinced CHOOSE HOPE is the place to order from. The variety is excellent, the shipping was very fast & everything was correct. I purchased these in honor of my husband who is currently fighting a war with bladder cancer so my plan is to wear either the wristband or the bracelet every single day as my way of fighting this war along side of him. I will definitely share this website with friends & family that are also fighting this cruel battle with the hope cures are found sooner than too late.

  43. Customer in Michigan (verified owner)

    It’s a gift for my mother who has Pancras cancer. She loves it

  44. Customer in Madison (verified owner)

    I ordered 2 Pearls of Hope bracelets and they are just beautiful. The pictures on the website were very pretty but when you see them in person the pictures don’t do the bracelets justice. Just beautiful. One of the bracelets I bought is for a friend who just lost her husband to colon cancer. It will have very special meaning to her.

  45. Customer in New York (verified owner)

    This bracelet is truly beautiful! It fits perfectly and attracts comments everywhere I go. I absolutely love it!

  46. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I purchased this bracelet after my gusband was diagnosed with bladder cancer. I loved it at first. Very pretty. However, after wearing it daily since purchase, the beads began to turn in color. The silver color faded into a pinkish/tan. I no longer wear it.

  47. Customer in NC (verified owner)

    SO beautiful
    ! mine came in today! I ordered two, one for me and for a friend. Mine is for being a Uterine Cancer survivor. The other one for my friend who’s sister passed away from Ovarian cancer. Very well made!

  48. Customer in Rhode island (verified owner)

    Beautiful bracelet! I have both sarcoma and childhood cancer, but after four months the silver beads turned. I tried to clean them, but nothing helped. Too bad, they look really pretty on.

  49. Customer in Cincinnati, OH (verified owner)

    Wanted something to show my support for three women I work with dealing with cancer. Thought that these bracelets were the best way for me to do so particularly since I could have them “customized” by the type of cancer with the different colored pearls. Most important to me was how well received the bracelets were by each woman.

  50. Customer in Florida (verified owner)

    Really like the style of this bracelet, as well as the Ribbon of Hope bracelet. Two different and unique styles.

    However on the Pearls of Hope, the Purple beads, for pancreatic cancer, appear Green in certain lighting – mostly the sun. Otherwise very happy with the classic style of this one.

  51. Past Customer (verified owner)

    The products have all been great. I’ve been very pleased. But, as luck would have it, with your move there has been some confusion. An order I placed must have gotten lost; when I inquired an new order was placed which was fine. That order arrived along with a duplicate of another bracelet I had ordered earlier.
    After some emails back and forth with Customer Service, I received a mailer to return the duplicate bracelet. The frustration of it all is the ONLY reason for 3 Stars. The bracelets are beautiful and I’m very happy with the quality.

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