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Developed by healthcare professionals, Queasy Drops are an effective way to help provide relief from nausea associated with chemotherapy treatments. Made from all-natural herbs and essential oils, Queasy Drops also help alleviate dry mouth. Drug free, gluten free, and doctor recommended. They really do work!

  • Each tin contains 21 drops that include five soothing flavors:
    • Cola
    • Ginger
    • Green Tea with Lemon
    • Banana
    • Sour Raspberry
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30 reviews for Queasy Drops – Assorted

  1. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I cannot rate this product as it was never received.

  2. Customer in Anchorage, Alaska (verified owner)

    A blessing!!

  3. Customer in sykesville md (verified owner)

    My mom hasn’t experienced much nausea (thankfully) but when she does, these do help. In addition, she says that they taste good. Can’t beat it.

  4. Past Customer (verified owner)

    love these helps ease some of the nausea and dryness. love the container also. Have ordered many products from Choose Hope and will continue to do so.

  5. Customer in Lake Wales, Fl (verified owner)

    Got thru my chemo with these worked better than the Prescription Nausea tablets,
    These sare definatly 5 star, I preferred the Quesy Drops Acai Berry!!!!

  6. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Bought these for my father to have and thankfully has not been ill from the chemo to need any product like this thus have no comment on them and there effectiveness….

  7. Customer in Westchester, IL (verified owner)

    I bought these for my friend. She loves them!

  8. Customer in Spencerport, NY (verified owner)

    The Queasy Drops brought my husband some relief from the nausea he has been experiencing, But the best part is how far Choose Hope went to help make Gary comfortable. The only flavor Gary really liked was the Cola. Well, in getting in contact with Choose Hope they were able to contact the company that manufacturers the Queasy Drops and “special order” containers of just the Cola drops for Gary. Thank you so much, Choose Hope, “for going the extra mile” for Gary.

  9. Customer in wadsworth, IL (verified owner)

    When my friend saw these in the package I gave her – she just sighed and asked how did I know she needed them.

  10. Customer in Puyallup,WA (verified owner)

    I was amazed at how effective the drops were. The are great to have on hand and enjoyable flavors.

  11. Customer in Melbourne, Australia (verified owner)

    I haven’t tried these myself, but I ordered them for my sister. She was having trouble with nausea during chemo and the anti-nausea medication was not helping.

    My sister liked these so much I had to order more for her. Her favourite flavour was Cola and she preferred the drops rather than the pops.

    I recommend this to anyone who is having chemo and suffers from nausea, or anyone who knows someone that might benefit from them.

    ChooseHope responded very quickly and sent the orders in less than 2 days, and despite having to be sent overseas they still arrived fairly quickly.

  12. Customer in Puyallup,WA (verified owner)

    The queasy drops help a lot while on my recent round of chemist. Enjoyed the cola and ginger flavors the most.

  13. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I bought this for my sister who is undergoing chemo and she can’t/wont eat them because they contain too much sugar. I ate a couple to see what they tasted like and they are good, but just not for my sister.

  14. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I got these for my husband, and he says they work pretty well. My daughter-in-law says they worked great when she was pregnant–she also wore accupressure wristbands, and the combination kept her entirely queasy-free.

  15. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Helped with nausea from chemo

  16. Customer in Melbourne, FL (verified owner)

    I am sorry to say I ordered these drops in the cola flavor, but they did not work for me. Unfortunately, my nausea from chemo was too severe for these drops to work.

  17. Customer in Washington, DC (verified owner)

    My son said these were awesome! They are helping him through a very difficult and uncomfortable time.

  18. Customer in San Diego, CA (verified owner)

    These are very helpful to me to combat Nausea. I’ really find relief, and it’s even better because I didn’t have to use any of the medications.

  19. Customer in Winsted, CT (verified owner)

    My sister is battling lung cancer and loves these they help her get thru her chemo!

  20. Customer in United States (verified owner)

    These are life savers for someone like my Mom who struggles with dry mouth any way. If the chemo begins to make her nauseous then she’s covered!

  21. Customer in Oconomowoc,Wi (verified owner)

    This is a wonderful idea. I hope they will make them Sugar Free for the diabetics that need them!

  22. Customer in CT (verified owner)

    Just received rave reviews about these from a chemo patient! He even enjoyed the taste! What more can I say. I’ll be ordering some more right away to ensure he doesn’t run out!

  23. Customer in Memphis, TN (verified owner)

    When I found out my cousin has cancer I wanted to get him something to let him know how much I care and that I was thinking of him but I also wanted to get something that would be useful to him. These were perfect. He did his second round of chemo last week and everything seems to be going well so far. Thank you Choosehope.com for having such a great collection of items.

  24. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I bought these for my mom who is going through some of the strongest chemo out there. These seem to be the only thing that helps, she does have prescription anti-nausea meds, but that only lasts for so long and who wants to continue popping pills? She was skeptical n thought “it’s just hard candy….what’s that gonna help?!” But boy, it is SO much more than “just hard candy” and is a miracle. I thank whoever made this product as you have helped my mother from feeling sick and laying on the couch/in bed all day. I highly recommend these drops!!!

  25. Customer in Edmonton AB (verified owner)

    For the past two years I’ve been going through stomach issues, which have left me nauseous nearly all the time. I researched ways to relieve the nausea and tried every trick in the book (pressure points, peppermint tea, etc) and finally came across these. The hard part was finding a company that would ship to Canada. Thankfully shipping isn’t too bad from Choose Hope and I’m SO glad I purchased these. They’re literally a miracle candy. Countless times I’ve had to leave work due to feeling like I’m going to be sick for hours at a time, but with these the feeling subsides within minutes. I bought both the Queasy pops and drops and have no preference. The flavours are all tasty, my only issue is the sour raspberry being too sour for me to handle. Queasy pops and queasy drops are the best thing I could have ever purchased and if they ever stop making them I’ll be sure to stock up on a lifetime supply.

  26. Customer in Knoxville, TN (verified owner)

    I ordered these in ginger and cola flavors. My husband used these post-treatment, and describes them as calming drops that help him cope with queasiness quickly and efficiently. If he experiences nausea upon awakening in the morning, he uses these to cope, and I always carry them in my purse when we’re on the go.

  27. Customer in Bald Knob, AR (verified owner)

    I have ordered these a month or so ago or my grandson who is fighting cancer & chemo treatment @ Children’s Hospital in Dallas TX. I sent your “Chemo pops” to him & they said they were “awesome” & really helped him with his nausea. (Up to a point, then even the super drugs cant fix it) But, every little bit helps. THANK YOU so much for this product.

  28. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Bought these for a friend–so I can’t say much…other than quick shipping and accurate. Thanks.

  29. Customer in UK (verified owner)

    A very great friend of mine is about to start her chemo sessions, The reviews all sounded positive so I decided to
    send the queasy drops to her in the hope that they will help to combat any nausea she may experience.
    I can only wait and see what her response is

  30. Customer in Oswego NY (verified owner)

    Purchased 3 boxes for my mother while she was going through chemo, she did not like them so she gave them back to me to test out during the beginning of my pregnancy. I was hoping for relief from morning sickness, however the pops only made it worse. Product quality was a huge disappointment. Sticky, too close to expiration date ,and beginning to crystalize. Over all I would not recommend to anyone, not sure if I was sent a bad batch or if queasy pops generally lack quality control.

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