Ribbon Awareness Cap – Several cap colors available!

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Baseball cap with Ribbon



Item #10500

Now available in 5 cap colors with ANY ribbon color!  What better way to offer hope and bring awareness than with our Ribbon Awareness Cap? These caps are perfect for guys or gals, ribbon is an embroidered patch which means no scratchy backing on your forehead!

  • Made of 100% Cotton
  • Lightly structured with a mid-profile fit
  • Hook and loop closure for easy adjustments
  • Available in Stone, Charcoal, Silver, Navy or White
  • Ribbon available in all cancer awareness colors
  • Formerly Item # C270


Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 8 × 9 × 4 in
Cap Color

Charcoal, Stone, Silver, Navy, White

Cancer Type

All Cancers – Lavender, All Cancers – Multicolored, Anal Cancer – Purple/Green, Appendix Cancer – Amber, Bladder Cancer – Marigold/Blue/Purple, Brain Cancer – Grey, Breast Cancer – Pink, Cervical Cancer – Teal/White, Childhood Cancer – Gold, Colon Cancer – Dark Blue, Esophageal & Stomach Cancer – Periwinkle, Gallbladder/Bile Duct Cancer – Kelly, Head & Neck Cancers – Burgundy/Ivory, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma – Violet, Kidney Cancer & Leukemia – Orange, Leiomyosarcoma & Pancreatic Cancer – Purple, Liver Cancer – Emerald Green, Lung Cancer – White, Lymphoma – Lime, Melanoma – Black, Metastatic Breast Cancer – Green/Teal/Pink, Multiple Myeloma – Burgundy, Neuroendocrine & Rare Cancers – Zebra Stripe, Ovarian Cancer – Teal, Prostate Cancer – Light Blue, Sarcoma/Bone Cancer – Yellow, Testicular Cancer – Orchid, Thyroid Cancer – Teal/Pink/Blue, Uterine Cancer – Peach

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53 reviews for Ribbon Awareness Cap – Several cap colors available!

  1. Charles Bolen (verified owner)

    Fantastic product!!! I wear this hat thanking the Lord Jesus for what He’s doing in my life!

  2. Customer in New Zealand (verified owner)

    All I can say is excellent quality and looks great can wear it with pride

  3. Customer in Derbyshire UK (verified owner)

    Having lost my first cap, I ordered a second which arrived promptly and in excellent order with no USA tax to pay this time.
    This cap is worn most days with pride having lost two family members through cancer.

  4. Customer in Central Texas (verified owner)

    I bought the grey cap, I like the stitch quality, fits good and is comfortable to wear all day. I’ll probably buy the white cap too.

  5. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Early Christmas Present so I can wear it to my Chemo Treatments I love it and the team at the center did too

  6. Customer in New Jersey (verified owner)

    The hat was exactly what I wanted to bring awareness and honor a former student and player who is fighting

  7. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Hi. Yes, I was very satisfied with the cap. Surprisingly well made. And fits as well. The wristband was satisfactory also. Thank you. Best to all you ladies.

  8. Customer in Maryland Heights (verified owner)

    Really liked the ball cap. White is good for summer.

  9. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Shippping was fairly quick, but I was shocked when I opened the bag and saw that there was a red stain on the cap. I emailed them on Monday, and they replied quickly and shipped a replacement. Impressed with customer service as they were quick and efficient.
    Cap is good quality and fairly light.

  10. Customer in CORNWALL ONTARIO CANADA (verified owner)


  11. Customer in Hermitahge TN (verified owner)

    I ordered this ballcap for my daughter, who loves ballcaps and is my biggest supporter. It is comfortable, well made, nice weight material, and a wonderful reminder of breast cancer, for women to take care of themselves. Exactly as pictured and described.

  12. Past Customer (verified owner)

    High quality well made cap. Great fit and style. A classic you can’t go wrong with.

  13. Customer in CT (verified owner)

    First hat I had was fine second just too big, but they are made well

  14. Customer in Massachusetts (verified owner)

    Was pleased with quality and cost since I was giving as a gift. Very pleased.

  15. Customer in 91706 (verified owner)

    The Sarcoma hat is great!

  16. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Absolutely love my hat. It’s nice and simple but yet is very powerful.

  17. Customer in Austin, Tx (verified owner)

    Best cap with fine materials but wish it is made in USA instead of China

  18. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Gave the ovarian cancer awareness pin to family and friends as a memorial to my wife. Many great comments from strangers that approach now know what the teal stands for.

  19. Past Customer (verified owner)

    It’s surrport for my wife and for other people who have or had cancer and the hope is for that we hope for a cure

  20. Customer in Youngstown, Ohio (verified owner)

    I received the purple ribbon ball cap as a gift from my WIsh List. It is well made, soft, and the inside lining is padded around the edge of the hat for comfortable wear. I would recommend this hat.

  21. Customer in New York (verified owner)

    Fits great

  22. Customer in Illinois, USA (verified owner)

    Hi. I am very happy wearing my gold ribbon hat because I look more on the childhood cancer side of my diagnosis (brain tumor at 10 years old) but many of my friends look more toward the brain tumor side of their diagnosis. I was looking on the site today and I noticed that you didn’t have any of the brain tumor caps. Did you at some point? If so, can you make more, and if not can you make some? Thanks

  23. Past Customer (verified owner)

    This is my go to hat to hide thinning hair during chemo. Love it!

  24. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Beautiful hat, but the sizing leaves much to be desired. Feels like I’m wearing a child’s hat. Not sure if I can wear it.

  25. Customer in Los Angeles (verified owner)

    I ordered 6 items for Choose hope and really like 5 of them… The rim of the hat is crooked and bent (probably is the shipping) and extends a little far out… Just doesn’t look right… Will check on the return policy but if I have to pay to ship both ways, may not be worth it. Much happier with the beanie.

  26. Customer in Kentucky (verified owner)

    Top quality material. Exactly as I hoped it would be.

  27. Customer in north central Ohio (verified owner)

    Gave the hat to my stepson who is just beginning cancer treatment for tongue and neck lymph node cancer. He wore the hat to his first treatment session and will probably wear to every one. I suggested he might want to use permanent marker to get the signature of each of his care providers, his team on the cap. Already I don’t think all the names would fit. Off to a good start in fighting this cancer!

  28. Customer in Michigan (verified owner)

    Very nice cap ! Nice quality material !

  29. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Nice fit and have gotten lots of compliments.

  30. Customer in Greer, SC (verified owner)

    I love this cap. it is made of good materials, and sends a subtle message. I wear it everyday when I go out and drive my convertible.

  31. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Very nice. Light and doesn’t even feel like you are wearing a hat.

  32. Past Customer (verified owner)

    The crown of the cap is so shallow that it would not stay on my head. I could not even bend over to tie my shoes without if falling off. I never even made it out of the house. I will be returning it. Big disappointment because I really looked forward to using it.

  33. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I love the cap and will wear it proudly!!! the quality and colors are just right!

  34. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I purchased a lot of these for family Christmas gifts. Unfortunately I didn’t read the review about them being small. They might have fit on my head when I had lost all my hair but even then I doubt it. With all my hair back it is super small, sits way up on the head, almost like a child’s cap would. Every adult who received one was polite about the gift but I could tell that when they tried it on they would not wear it because of how small it was. I could not ask for the gifts back so I could get them something else and since they were all shipped in one plastic bag, how do you return in original packaging? Very, very disappointed in the hat!

  35. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Seems to sit a little to high on the head. Sides don’t go down enough

  36. Customer in Roxbury, NJ (verified owner)

    I bought this for my father who is a huge golfer. He wears it everytime he’s on the course now and it fits him great! For as often as he’s already worn it, there are no signs of fading or anything yet! Looks great while serving its purpose!

  37. Customer in Appleton, WI (verified owner)

    I very recently went from an athlete to a skeleton, only to find out I have IIIc ovarian cancer. After surgery and before chemo, I needed a way to let people know why I looked so awful. Nothing on line was for me until I saw the Ribbon awareness cap. It has a beautiful, big teal ribbon on it. I wear it on my walks and all appointments. I also have it just in case my hair should fall out. The cap is super well made. I received it faster than I expected ad love it. I am getting used to wearing it (I’m not usually a hat person) as I am used to getting used to saying; “I have ovarian cancer!”
    Support Choose Hope!

  38. Customer in Greenville, NC (verified owner)

    The hats were made too small for adult males trying to show support for ovarian cancer research. We were unable to wear them.

  39. Past Customer (verified owner)

    The metal claps on the back of the hat that adjusts the size is junk. The hat would be much better if that part of the hat was redone and it was a Velcro adjusted sizer. Ii get frustrated with the hat due to this. I have long thick hair and trying to put in through the hole to wear the hat and the adjusted part stay where I have it is impossible.a. I still wear it but do not like it as much as I thought I would and would wear the hat more if the claps was better quality or Velcro.

  40. Customer in Bradenton, FL (verified owner)

    My cancer is rectal, so it’s nice to have a ribbon hat that isn’t a pink ribbon, but one that reflects my cancer color (dark blue). I just wish I’d known that it doesn’t sit low on the head. Hopefully it won’t blow away in windy Florida.

  41. Customer in Pell City Alabama (verified owner)

    I purchased the Prostate Awareness cap after being diagnosed with prostate cancer earlier this year. I am very pleased with it. It more than exceded my expectations in every way!! I have passed along your web site info to other patients at my doctors office and shared your catalog with many of my friends.

  42. Customer in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (verified owner)

    This is such a great hat for such a great cause. I have the brain cancer awareness cap and I wear it proudly. And I love it when people ask me about it so I can tell them all about Choose Hope!

  43. Customer in Amarillo TX (verified owner)

    And so affordable and quality made! Can’t beat that! Not many people have heard of bladder cancer so when I wear this hat, I let people know that anyone can be affected. I tell them that Choose Hope has a vast selection of items for all the cancers and that if they consider buying any cancer awareness items, buy from Choose Hope! They have quality items and very reasonable shipping! So glad I got this hat!

  44. Customer in Snohomish, Washington (verified owner)

    Great quality hat. Very fast order processing and shipping. Reasonable shipping, too.

  45. Customer in Poquoson Virginia (verified owner)

    This hat is just what I hoped it would be. It fits perfect and is very comfortable on my head. I plan to buy others!

  46. Customer in Maple Shade, NJ (verified owner)

    This hat was just what I was looking for. It’s a nice small cap and fits a woman’s head nicely. This is NOT one of those big ‘trucker’ hats, which I hate.

    My only complaint is that I could not get it in violet for Hodgkins and settled instead for Lime for Lymphoma.

  47. Customer in Winchester, NH (verified owner)

    Another great item at a great price!

  48. Customer in Dawsonville, GA (verified owner)

    good quality, nice fit

  49. Customer in Green Bay (verified owner)

    I bought the colon cancer cap for my daughter and she absolutely loves it. The quality of the cap is awesone!

  50. Customer in Norfolk, VA (verified owner)

    I loved them. I only wish they came in other cap colors with the black ribbon. My husband is a stage 4 melanoma survivor and I find myself going for that hat regularly for my runs. Thanks!

  51. Customer in St Peters MO (verified owner)

    Very nice cap. I like the fact that it is not the kind with the cheap plasic sizer.

  52. Customer in Brandon/Florida (verified owner)

    Very nice cap. Well made and fits nicely.

  53. Customer in Washington, PA (verified owner)

    I just received my second hat after wearing out my first hat ordered many years ago.

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