Ribbon Awareness Car Magnet

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Ribbon Awareness Car Magnet



Item #10802

Show support and bring awareness with our Ribbon Car Magnet! Specially designed and created by Choose Hope, these are perfect for letting the world know that you or someone you love is fighting the fight!

  • Available in all cancer awareness colors
  • 8″ in length
  • Ideal for all vehicles, file cabinets, refrigerators or anything magnetic
  • Easily removable for washing
  • Bulk Pricing – 10+ for $2.50 each
  • Formerly Item #C405

Additional information

Weight 1.2 oz
Dimensions 4 × 0.1 × 8 in
Cancer Type

All Cancers – Lavender, All Cancers – Multicolored, Appendix Cancer – Amber, Bladder Cancer – Marigold/Blue/Purple, Brain Cancer – Grey, Breast Cancer – Pink, Cervical Cancer – Teal/White, Childhood Cancer – Gold, Colon Cancer – Dark Blue, Esophageal Cancer – Periwinkle, Gallbladder/Bile Duct Cancer – Kelly, Head & Neck Cancers – Burgundy/Ivory, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma – Violet, Kidney Cancer – Orange, Leiomyosarcoma – Purple, Leukemia – Orange, Liver Cancer – Emerald Green, Lung Cancer – White, Lymphoma – Lime, Melanoma – Black, Multiple Myeloma – Burgundy, Neuroendocrine & Rare Cancers – Zebra Stripe, Ovarian Cancer – Teal, Pancreatic Cancer – Purple, Prostate Cancer – Light Blue, Sarcoma/Bone Cancer – Yellow, Stomach Cancer – Periwinkle, Testicular Cancer – Orchid, Thyroid Cancer – Teal/Pink/Blue, Uterine Cancer – Peach

139 reviews for Ribbon Awareness Car Magnet

  1. sjoxenford (verified owner)

    Exactly what I wanted! Thank you so very much!!! We are all in this together!

  2. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Beautiful way to bring awareness. I have been looking for this for a long time. Perfect!

  3. Customer in Tampa Bay (verified owner)

    It would be nice if the magnet read Cholangio Cancer, but given how rare it is I am pleased you have added gallbladder-bile duct magnets and ribbons to your collections. I have this on my car, and it sparks conversation.

  4. Customer in Arizona (verified owner)

    I bought two more to replace the ones that disappeared from my car. Stolen, I assume. I would sure prefer these magnets if they read Neuroendocrine Cancer, rather
    than the extremely outdated Carcinoid Cancer. That said, they stay on well and the black has not faded, nor the white gotten yellowed in the hot Arizona sun.

  5. Customer in Steinbach (verified owner)

    Very pleased with bracelets and magnet wish I would have ordered more great car magnet

  6. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I got 3 of them. I am very Happy with them.

  7. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Everything I have bought from you, I have liked/loved.
    But I wish you would offer the cancer products at an affordable price so we could turn around and sell them for a profit to raise awareness. I would have many opportunities to provide these items to others. Like if I could buy several of each for a supply on hand. P235c

  8. Customer in Pa (verified owner)

    I love my Head and Neck Cancer Car Ribbon. We need to bring awareness to this horrible cancer.

  9. Past Customer (verified owner)

    very happy with these!!

  10. Customer in Flint, Mi (verified owner)

    I love that I can get the products needed all in one place.

  11. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Thanks so much for the speedy delivery of my awareness ribbon magnets, apparel, and jewelry. I was devastated when someone stole my lung cancer magnet off of my vehicle. I purchased it since my father’s passing nearly three years ago. Who would do such a thing? It felt like losing him all over again. Replacing the magnet so quickly was an unexpected, but much needed resolution. Please know all of your merchandise has been of great quality and of greater purpose. Thank you for helping us to spread the word, while making each day a little easier to endure.

  12. Customer in AZ. (verified owner)

    This review encompasses not only the auto magnet but stickers and cancer awareness t-shirt . Our daughter at 40 was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon-rectal – liver cancer. My wife is a breast cancer survivor . Awareness cannot appear too often. Colonoscopy and mammograms need to be a part of the family responsibility. Choose Hope’s reasonably priced items serve a valuable purpose as they cry out to discuss the disease and one’ family experience with treatment and prevention. According to both the surgeon, oncologist and a recent Wall Street Journal article colon-rectal cancer among adults under 40 is epidemic and the why is unknown ! Awareness and the charitable contribution of Choose Hope make me pleased to display their products.

  13. Customer in Scottsdale, AZ (verified owner)

    Have seen so many magnets on cars for various causes, so happy to have found one that depicts the cancer that I am battling.

  14. Past Customer (verified owner)

    These car magnets are great for promoting cancer awareness even while your car is parked.

  15. Customer in Fort Gibson, OK (verified owner)

    It was exactly what I wanted and the price was reasonable.

  16. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I ordered the lung cancer awareness car magnet in honor of my dad. I love them. Thank you so much. Its just what I wanted. Thank you again.

  17. Customer in Ohio (verified owner)

    Nice bright color & readable lettering, magnet sticks best on clean, dry metal.

  18. Customer in Nebraska (verified owner)

    I was happy to find a ribbon for head and neck cancer awareness. It is just what I wanted.

  19. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I do love my car magnet. I ordered the one for all cancers, because the liver cancer was on back order.
    I have ordered twice now, very happy, with everything I have ordered. Love it when you have free shipping.
    Hopefully you will do free shipping again, and have my liver car magnet in stock at that time.

  20. Customer in Cleveland, OH (verified owner)

    I saw a magnet on a car that relates to an issue my family is having. I looked the magnet up and found choosehope.com. My order was placed in a matter of minutes. This was on a Friday morning. That same afternoon I had received notice that my items had shipped. I received my items that Monday. Seamless and flawless! I will use choosehope.com for all these needs and will also recommend them to everyone. It may be something small like a magnet, but with all the negativity going on in life choosehope.com gave me a smile. Forever grateful

  21. Customer in Lawrenceburg, Indiana (verified owner)

    I am very happy with the magnets you sent me. I have a rare cancer so I am getting the word out this way and going to order more.

  22. Customer in Illinois (verified owner)

    Proudly displayed on my vehicle

  23. Customer in CT (verified owner)

    Keep them on the cars. When I lose one I replace it. Remember to take it off hefore going through the car wash. Helps to keep people aware.

  24. Customer in Savannah, GA (verified owner)

    Love it and it looks great on my sisters car. She is in chemo for pancreatic cancer. She is so happy with it!

  25. Past Customer (verified owner)

    5 Stars

  26. Past Customer (verified owner)

    great quality – giving them as gifts for my family, as we support Childhood Cancer

  27. Customer in Clarksville (verified owner)

    I think its great put it on my truck immediately

  28. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I though I items are to big

  29. Customer in GA (verified owner)

    Looks really nice on my Tailgate.

  30. Customer in Kernersville NC (verified owner)

    Like it very much

  31. Past Customer (verified owner)

    These are GREAT! Some of my family who never puts magnets on their cars, have put this one on their cars. I ordered more than I needed, so I am donating what I have left to the Cancer Care Center at my next appointment. Then other people have have them too.

  32. Customer in Montgomery (verified owner)

    Was so happy to find this ribbon. Everyone in our family has one on their vehicle to show support for our loved one fighting the fight . Thank you so much.

  33. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I love the products that I purchased. However, I was wondering if the 8″ and 4″ car magnets are the only sizes that are available? How about a 2″?

  34. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I ordered several items with my order with this being one of them. I really like the car magnet but it was a bit too large for my small Versa to go on. I also purchased the refrigerator magnet so I just put the smaller one on my car and the larger one on my fridge! I like the fact that I can share cancer awareness, lymphoma for me, in this way.

  35. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Just great

  36. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I never got these

  37. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Important reminder to others to get screened for colon cancer.

  38. Customer in United States (verified owner)

    Mom has cancer so the support makes her smile

  39. Customer in louisville ky (verified owner)

    The magnets are nice but would like to see more options to choose from for uterine and other cancers with little awareness. There is so much for breast cancer but not a lot of options for other cancers that are effecting our young adults and children. The lack of education with physician make it harder to diagnose cancers on young people. It took two years and countless doctor visits for my daughter to be diagnosed with stage 4 uterine cancer at 29 years old. She passed away July 4 2015 after fighting for 22 months

  40. Past Customer (verified owner)

    This magnet is perfect size. The color is right on and it is not flimsy.

  41. Customer in San Jose, CA (verified owner)

    bought two of these, one for my mom, one for myself. My sister passed away from brain cancer a year ago and this makes me feel better knowing I’m bringing awareness to other drivers. We miss you, sissy! Karley Michelle Montes 05.19.1997-06.05.2014<3

  42. Customer in Upper Chichester, pa (verified owner)

    I reordered these already. Had the first since 2012 ,but after a few years they do fade. All brands fade not just this one. Just reapplied my on the car today.

  43. Customer in NC, USA (verified owner)

    My father was recently diagnosed with multiple myeloma and will be going through a bone marrow transplant soon so it was nice getting these to pass out to friends and family to show awareness, support and prayers.

  44. Past Customer (verified owner)

    The magnets looked great & arrived quickly.Great way to spread awareness of my rare cancer.Would definitely order from Choose Hope again.

  45. Customer in Cincinnati (verified owner)

    The ribbon quality is excellent. I’m glad I purchased it since the one I had unfortunately went through the car wash. However, Choose Hope is still using the old name for this cancer. Carcinoid is no longer the appropriate name. Since 2000 it is called Neuroendocrin Tumor (NET) cancer. The one I had was from another organization that had none available at the time my ribbon got “washed”. So I settled for this one.

    I look forward to Choose Hope updating their merchandise and will buy more then.

  46. Customer in Chicago (verified owner)

    These magnets are very nicely made and very well priced to spread the word!

  47. Past Customer (verified owner)

    These magnets are on every family members car. They all support me in my battle against cancer.

  48. Customer in Drakes Branch, VA (verified owner)

    My mother had breast cancer and Beat it! My father had lung cancer and did make it ! He passed after 1 month of knowing it!

  49. Customer in Ga (verified owner)

    I bought a periwinkle ribbon for stomach cancer to support my daddy who has thankfully able to beat cancer. This product is very bright, vibrant, great size, and stays on even in the rain.

  50. Customer in Georgia (verified owner)

    Magnet is great. Colors are vibrant and magnet is strong.

  51. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I bought a few of these and they are great. They stay on well.

  52. Past Customer (verified owner)

    This was a gift for my parents. The colors are bright and vivid- just like the advertisement showed. Very pleased with the product 🙂

  53. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Love my item I just purchased. Thank you

  54. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I really like these magnets. No problem with them sticking to the car, they are great.

  55. Customer in EVINGTON VA (verified owner)


  56. Past Customer (verified owner)

    I love my Leukemia magnet. I would recommend this site to all my family & friends.

  57. Customer in Dayton, Ohio (verified owner)

    Great way I can show support for my brother, thank you.
    Fast shipping also

  58. Customer in Bermuda (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with my hat, car magnet and wrist band. So pleased to find products for
    the rarer cancers.

  59. Customer in Miami, FL (verified owner)

    I have purchased the breast cancer magnet in the past in honor of my frineds, colleagues amd patients. Then I deveolped lung cancer, so the magnet is on my car as well. The magnet that urges no one fights alone is also on my car. No one has even said a word about my magnets, but I hope that the messages get across.

    Your company is so terrific to deal with- prices are good and your turn around time is great. Thanks!

  60. Customer in Ontario (verified owner)

    Great to find ribbon magnets for less popular cancers.

  61. Customer in Monroe (verified owner)

    We really like our ribbons! I have had several people ask where they could get ribbons like mine, so I told them where we got ours. My kids even wanted some for their cars!

  62. Past Customer (verified owner)

    My Teal ribbon is on my car and looking GREAT!

  63. Customer in Port Charlotte FL (verified owner)

    Ordering was a breeze, product shipped very quickly, arrived in perfect condition. As a first time buyer, I will be back!

  64. Customer in Franklin Indiana (verified owner)

    We liked these a lot, but the smaller magnets were purchased to put onto our motorcycles, & unfortunately they did not stay on. The larger magnets did stay on car.

  65. Customer in Adamsville, TN (verified owner)

    This awareness ribbon car magnet was exactly as I expected. No unwanted surprises & it arrived on time!

  66. Customer in SLC, Utah (verified owner)

    I bought this car magnet to show support for the cause, 3 year cancer survivor, I wanted to help bring awareness to others in hopes that maybe it could save someones life, or help bring support to those who need it. I am so happy with my purchases from Choose Hope.

  67. Customer in Jamestown NY (verified owner)

    My son passed away with colon cancer so I want everyone to be aware of it and this magnet will help.

  68. Customer in Milford, CT (verified owner)

    Very nice, especially with the removable Choose Hope center. The ribbon is on my car, and the center is on my fridge.

  69. Customer in Littleton, CO (verified owner)

    The magnets are excellent.

  70. Customer in Duluth, MN (verified owner)

    Looks nice on my truck with my other ribbons for support for our men and women that serve our country…Thanks to you all!!

  71. Customer in United States (verified owner)

    They’re perfect to show your support!

  72. Customer in Florida (verified owner)

    Very happy with the quality of the car ribbon magnets. They are substantial enough to brave this Florida sun.

  73. Past Customer (verified owner)

    This fits nicely on the back of the car so everyone remembers we need to find a cure for cancer

  74. Customer in Little Rock, AR (verified owner)

    I love my Choose Hope Car Magnets. I have to admit that I bought my first ones at the in the gift shop at the Winthrop P Rockefeller Cancer Institute at UAMS Hospital here in Little rock, I had three- Leukemia for my daughter’s friend- and Sarcoma and Head and Neck for my own battle. While at the grocery store the other day a young man stopped and asked about my Head and Neck Awareness Magnet. We shared stories and I simply gave him my magnet, knowing that the gift shop where I got mine was out. I went online, found Choose Hope and purchased two more Head and Neck ribbons. I still have one- the other was given away in a similar situation, this last time I was able to mention Choose Hope as the palce I bought it. I love these car magnets, and I love that by just having them on my car I have met other wonderful people and have been able to pass along something special.

  75. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Love our magnets! We have one for each car. It’s easy to identify us in the hospital parking lot 😉

  76. Customer in newville pa (verified owner)


  77. Customer in Homer City (verified owner)

    Was a good deal just what I was looking for.

  78. Customer in Des Plaines (verified owner)

    They are great! Given to friends and family, and they went straight onto the cars right away.

  79. Customer in Oceanside, NY (verified owner)

    This magnet says it like it is: Cancer Sucks! I am so tired of those dainty pink ribbons. This is not a “cute” cancer”. There is nothing cute or dainty about it.

  80. Customer in Romney (verified owner)

    Love that I have found a site that carries my ribbon color. This is perfect for on my van, all the mulitcolors.

  81. Customer in Zebulon,NC (verified owner)

    Love them

  82. Customer in Newbury Park, CA (verified owner)

    Love the awareness ribbon and so blessed to have beaten this cancer and help raise awareness for others. Love this site and their products!

  83. Customer in Rochester, MN (verified owner)

    It’s perfect!

  84. Customer in Flower Mound, Texas (verified owner)

    I bought these car magnets and proudly display them on the back of my truck. I have the thyroid and head/neck ones and they are side by side. They have weathered terrible weather and still look like new.

  85. Customer in Wagram NC (verified owner)

    This is a beautiful ribbon and has stayed on my car without moving through rain/sleet/snow. The color is eye catching and also helps me spot my car in a parking lot where there are 3 just like mine – haha. Love these products from Choose Hope.

  86. Customer in MA (verified owner)

    I was happy with all of the products I received from Choose Hope.

  87. Customer in Elizabethtown Kentucky (verified owner)

    I am very satisfied with the quality of these car magnets!

  88. Customer in Jackson, TN (verified owner)

    I love these car magnet ribbons! They are nicely colored and show up well on vehicles. I have had no problems with mine. Great product.

  89. Customer in Poway,CA (verified owner)

    My 22 y/o son died of brain cancer. This is one cancer that is not talked about very much and yet seems to becoming more prevalent. I have been selling(for fundraising/giving the magnets to everyone I know. I am surprised how many people do not that brain cancer’s “color” is Gray. This is my new mission, to make more awareness of this cancer. I love my magnet and have friends who do not put anything on their cars and are displaying this magnet to honor my son and all those with Brain Cancer.

  90. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Within an hour of putting the magnet on my car, a gentleman stopped me and said his wife had just been diagnosed. We had a great discussion about what to expect, etc. I really felt good about being able to help someone that was in the same situation we had been in!

  91. Customer in laurel springs nj (verified owner)

    I do like the ribbons for the car, there is only a few things, one being that if you leave the ribbon on the car too long it marks the car. Also they fade.

  92. Customer in Webster, MA (verified owner)

    I bought the breast cancer magnet for my friend who proudly displays it on her car. The magnet seems to hold very well in all weather conditions!

  93. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the product, price and timely fashion that I received them.

  94. Customer in Spring Grove, PA (verified owner)

    I love it! Thank you.

  95. Customer in West Lafayette, IN (verified owner)

    I am proud to be a thyroid cancer survivor. The ribbon my vehicles is very colorful and has attracted attention and caused conversation. Very good quality and should last many years.

  96. Customer in Carlisle, PA (verified owner)

    Love the magnets for on the vehicles. Allows me to show my support no matter where I’m at!

  97. Customer in Spencerport, NY (verified owner)

    I purchased the lung cancer awareness car magnets for family and close friends. I wanted the opportunity for others to be reminded of this monster disease and our need to “stomp it out!” Friends and family were quick to place the magnet on their cars and also the lung cancer bracelet on their wrists. Their friend, their loved one, Gary, is thought about consistently through this act of kindness. Thank you for helping us to “spread the word!”

  98. Customer in bardonia, ny (verified owner)

    These magnets are excellent quality and the time in which I received them from ordering was excellent. These magnets are not flimsy, they are made very well. I was able to give them out to family and friends and they all loved them.

  99. Past Customer (verified owner)

    These stuck on mine and my parents car really well.

  100. Customer in Shelbyville, Indiana (verified owner)

    I bought this as a gift for a friend. She loved it!

  101. Customer in charlottesville, va (verified owner)

    These ribbon car magnets are easy to see when driving and give out a positive message. I have had requests from family to order more. Our local hospital also sells these products in the gift shop. This site has a wider selection.

  102. Customer in Budd Lake (verified owner)

    I wear proudly on my Jeep!!!

  103. Past Customer (verified owner)

    These magnets let me show my support for cancer survivors and help contribute to cancer awareness.

  104. Customer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (verified owner)

    A great find. Just what I looking for. Will surely tell my friends and family about the website.

  105. Customer in Medford Oregon (verified owner)

    I was really looking forward to receiving a periwinkle ribbon, to honor my deceased husband, who passed away earlier this year of esophageal cancer. Unfortunately, it has been a month now and the product never arrived. I am sad and disappointed by this. It really meant a lot to me. Their tracking number says it was delivered, but I never got it.

  106. Customer in Utah (verified owner)

    Good product. Sticks well and looks nice. The nice thing about this one is that it is truly GOLD colored, rather than yellow as so many of the others out there are. Also, this one was cheaper than many others I found online – and I think it’s just as nice or nicer. I passed the link on to friends and referred them to buy their car magnet from here as well.

  107. Customer in Philo IL (verified owner)

    Loved it! So much focus is on Breast cancer it is GREAT to see awareness of other cancers that are out there that impact many.

  108. Customer in garden city,mi (verified owner)

    Magnets both sizes are a great way to show your support and get people talking. They are very well done!

  109. Customer in Lakewood, CA (verified owner)

    I bought this Ovarian Cancer Ribbon in memory of my wonderful mother-in-law who lost her battle in July. It was such a great deal to buy 10, so I shared them with my sister-in-laws and friends. Thanks for helping us spread the word and give support for this horrible disease!

  110. Customer in Elizabeth City, NC (verified owner)

    My Relay For Life team is a Survivor Team, and we fundraise mostly using Cancer Awareness items. The magnets are a huge hit! They are economical to purchase and you can double your cost without making them cost prohibitive for customers. Most importantly, the selection covers almost all cancers. Just remember to remove the magnets from you car if you go to an automatic car wash. They can’t withstand the pressure!

  111. Customer in Fort Worth, Texas (verified owner)

    I like the color and look. I received exactly what was ordered.

  112. Customer in Savannah, GA (verified owner)

    love them

  113. Customer in Tuscaloosa AL (verified owner)

    So glad to have found the magnet for my car. People need to be aware of Lung Cancer and this is a great way to bring attention to it.

  114. Customer in Monticello, mn 55362 (verified owner)

    was happy with purchase

  115. Customer in Burlington, NC (verified owner)

    Gave this as a gift for a cancer patient and he is very pleased.
    I was pleased with the service and timely manner of shipment and the price is unbeatable.

  116. Customer in College Station, TX (verified owner)

    I am so proud to display this magnet on my car. I have already had people ask me what Multiple Myeloma is about!

  117. Customer in Clermont FL (verified owner)

    I ordered several items for my daughter who has cancer. She said everything was of high quality and well worth the money. I would recommend this company and their products.

  118. Customer in Monroe City/IN (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for your fast shipping and the product is just as described! This is such a rare cancer that the more we get info out about the better and that is exactly what they have done! Thanks again and I will be buying more!

  119. Customer in San Marcos CA (verified owner)

    I was thrilled to find the real Bladder Cancer Colors on a ribbon. You see the ribbons on cars everywhere but I had never seen one for Bladder Cancer! I purchased several of these, and have sent them to family and friends across the country! Well made and the writing is legible. I really like having this on my car!

  120. Customer in Dawsonville, GA (verified owner)

    excellent product

  121. Customer in Naperville, IL (verified owner)

    I was happy with all, fast effecient shipping and price was good.

  122. Customer in sykesville md (verified owner)

    I had originally purchased the lung cancer magnet because my mom was misdiagnosed. Once she was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, bought the correct ribbon. They both have worn beautifully, no fading, stay put, and send a great message. Can’t say enough good things about where the proceeds go from this site. This is the main cancer awareness site that I purchase from. Keep up the good work and great products!

  123. Customer in Hamilton,N.J. (verified owner)

    My Dear friend was telling me that Ovarian Cancer is’nt as well known or talked about by others like some of the other forms of Cancers out there. So I wanted to increase awareness to others by putting these magnets on my vehicles & to support this cause!

  124. Customer in sykesville md (verified owner)

    This ribbon is a great way to attract awareness to a HIGHLY underfunded illness (Lung Cancer).

  125. Customer in Panama City Beach, FL (verified owner)

    In a day in time when service is just about unknown to the average vendor, I’m always impressed when I come across the exception to the rule.

    Choose Hope Is the exception to the rule.

    Thanks guys for being outstanding when it comes to service.

    With warmest regards, I am

    Roger L. Dougherty

  126. Customer in Largo (verified owner)

    very good quality item. I have them on all the cars, garage door and front door too. Again many friends have agreed to place them on their vehicles.
    Magnet holds well at seventy MPH for a long ride.

  127. Customer in NC (verified owner)

    I ordered 2 magnets on 12/23/10, I received them on 12/27/10. I am in awe that they received the order, and filled it before Christmas so that I would get it so quickly. The magnets are thick and of good quality. If you are considering buying from this company, don’t think twice. I am going to purchase more.

  128. Customer in St Louis, MO (verified owner)

    These magnets are great. They bring awareness for every possible cancer, even the hard to find ones. They are a big hit year round with staff and patients.

  129. Customer in Walla Walla, WA (verified owner)

    I ordered the car magnet because I wanted to bring attention to the public about the specific kind of cancer I have (lymphoma), and maybe, just maybe it would help draw some much needed donations towards lymphoma research. I am quite amazed at the number of people who have never heard of lymphoma. The type of lymphoma I have is considered not curable, however I hear they are on the verge of finding a cure very soon. I hang onto that hope everyday and I will do anything I can to help push that effort along.

  130. Customer in moorpark,ca (verified owner)

    i display it proudly on my car.. wasn’t aware there was a ribbon out there for cervical cancer awareness!!!

  131. Customer in Niles, IL (verified owner)

    I really like these magnets(bought lime green and lavender), they are large enough for people to see a car length away. I handed them out to everyone that walked with us at the Light The Night walk, family, friends and co-workers. And the bulk discount did not break the bank!

  132. Customer in Redwood, NY (verified owner)

    This is the second time I have purchased a car magnet for my vehicle. They have bright, true colors, and last for years, even through rough winters.

    Spread Awareness!!!!!!!!!!!

  133. Customer in La Vergne, TN (verified owner)

    These magnets are a great way to show support for all types of cancer. I purchased the lime green for lymphoma. I got one for everyone in my family. My mother lost her valiant battle with the very rare Mantle Cell Lymphoma 3 weeks ago and these magnets are a great way to pay tribute to her, everyone who is still fighting this terrible disease, and those who have lost it. Thank you for such a great product!

  134. Customer in Winter Springs, FL (verified owner)

    I wanted to get my whole family Pancreatic Cancer awareness car magnets. These look great and hold on very well. I was concerned about being able to see it against my mom’s deep violet sapphire car, but it shows up fine. Note that the actual purple of the ribbons was deeper/darker than appeared on the screen.

  135. Customer in Flower Mound, Texas (verified owner)

    I love my thyroid cancer awareness magnetic ribbon. It is retaining it’s color and hold on my SUV. It’s just the right size.

  136. Customer in Brandon, MS (verified owner)

    I’m the mother of a teenager, so I’m a taxi driver. This way I feel good that I’m sparking awareness to fight for the cure, as well!

  137. Customer in St Peters MO (verified owner)

    My husband was glad I gave him the magnet to put on his truck. I have to admit I was afraid he would not want to have the word “uterine” on his Big 4 wheel drive so I was surprised he was thrilled to get it!

  138. Customer in Augusta, GA (verified owner)

    We love the large car magnets….clients tell us that they love all the different kind of cancer awareness ribbon magnets that’s available.

  139. Customer in Madison/WI (verified owner)

    we purchased 2 yellow Sarcoma Awareness magnets for our vehicles and display them proudly!
    Our 7 year old even had us write his name on them, as he is the one battling a rare sarcoma

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