Inspirational Mini Wristbands (set of 3)


Inspirational Mini Wristbands (set of 3)



Item #17107

A new twist on an old favorite! Our Inspirational Mini Wristbands are the latest addition to our silicone wristband line! We’ve taken this new concept and created three narrow bands in varying shades of colors. One band is screened with ribbons only and the other two provide inspiration with the words courage, strength, faith and hope. Designed by our own survivors, these wristbands are perfect for ‘banding’ together to show support for someone newly diagnosed or for anyone walking the cancer journey. Wear one, two, or all three and share with friends and family! More colors on the way!

  • Each band is just under 1/4″ in width, the three bands together measure 5/8″
  • Inside circumfrence measures 7 and 5/8″
  • Strength and Courage are on one band and Hope and Faith are on the other band
  • Made of latex-free silicone
  • Available in many cancer awareness colors
  • Formerly Item #W110

Additional information

Weight 0.4 oz
Dimensions 3 × 0.2 × 3 in

Amber – Appendix Cancer, Burgundy/Ivory – Head & Neck Cancer, Black – Melanoma, Burgundy – Multiple Myeloma, Dark Blue – Colon Cancer, Emerald Green – Liver Cancer, Grey – Brain Cancer, Lavender – All Cancers, Light Blue – Prostate Cancer, Lime – Lymphoma, Multicolored – All Cancers, Orange – Kidney Cancer & Leukemia, Peach – Uterine Cancer, Pink – Breast Cancer, Periwinkle – Esophageal & Stomach Cancers, Purple – Leiomyosarcoma & Pancreatic Cancer, Teal – Ovarian Cancer, Teal/White – Cervical Cancer, Teal/Pink/Blue – Thyroid Cancer, White – Lung Cancer, Yellow – Sarcoma/Bone Cancer


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