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You are a survivor from the minute you hear the words, “You have cancer.”  Whether it’s about surviving the diagnosis or surviving the cancer journey, our Survivor Strong Wristbands will give you and your loved ones the strength and courage to move forward!

  • Made of latex-free silicone
  • Adult sizes only (inside measures 7.75″)
  • Available in a large variety of cancer colors
  • Bulk pricing available – 50+ for $1.50 each
  • Formerly Item #W120

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Survivor Strong Wristband - Teal - Ovarian CancerTeal - Ovarian Cancer$2.00

481 in stock

Survivor Strong Wristband - Burgundy - Multiple MyelomaBurgundy - Multiple Myeloma$2.00

479 in stock

Survivor Strong Wristband - Burgundy/Ivory – Head & Neck CancerBurgundy/Ivory – Head & Neck Cancer$2.00

408 in stock

Survivor Strong Wristband - Dark Blue – Colon CancerDark Blue – Colon Cancer$2.00

571 in stock

Survivor Strong Wristband - Grey – Brain CancerGrey – Brain Cancer$2.00

512 in stock

Survivor Strong Wristband - Lavender – All CancersLavender – All Cancers$2.00

460 in stock

Survivor Strong Wristband - Light Blue – Prostate CancerLight Blue – Prostate Cancer$2.00

174 in stock

Survivor Strong Wristband - Lime – LymphomaLime – Lymphoma$2.00

370 in stock

Survivor Strong Wristband - Multicolored – All CancersMulticolored – All Cancers$2.00

496 in stock

Survivor Strong Wristband - Orange – Kidney Cancer & LeukemiaOrange – Kidney Cancer & Leukemia$2.00

63 in stock

Survivor Strong Wristband - Pink – Breast CancerPink – Breast Cancer$2.00

477 in stock

Survivor Strong Wristband - Periwinkle – Esophageal & Stomach CancersPeriwinkle – Esophageal & Stomach Cancers$2.00

223 in stock

Survivor Strong Wristband - Teal/Pink/Blue – Thyroid CancerTeal/Pink/Blue – Thyroid Cancer$2.00

399 in stock

Survivor Strong Wristband - White – Lung CancerWhite – Lung Cancer$2.00

414 in stock


Additional information

Weight 0.2 oz
Dimensions 3 × 0.5 × 3 in

Burgundy/Ivory – Head & Neck Cancer, Dark Blue – Colon Cancer, Grey – Brain Cancer, Lavender – All Cancers, Light Blue – Prostate Cancer, Lime – Lymphoma, Multicolored – All Cancers, Orange – Kidney Cancer & Leukemia, Pink – Breast Cancer, Periwinkle – Esophageal & Stomach Cancers, Teal/Pink/Blue – Thyroid Cancer, White – Lung Cancer, Burgundy – Multiple Myeloma, Teal – Ovarian Cancer

7 reviews for Survivor Strong Wristband

  1. Customer in Marietta Georgia (verified owner)

    I really liked the bracelet but it was to small for my wrist . I’m a male with a huge wrist.

  2. Customer in Waukesha,WI. (verified owner)

    I just received my wristband. I will wear it with gratitude to my doctors for their care and to my family for their support. I am a survivor strong!

  3. Customer in Greenwood,Louisiana (verified owner)

    I really like my wristband. I am a survivor from Prostate Cancer. I wear this band proudly

  4. Past Customer (verified owner)

    As promised and fast delivery great product.

  5. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Wrist band is good quality and has been holding up well

  6. Past Customer (verified owner)

    Great quality, great price. I workout 6 days a week wearing this and lot’s of sweat! Washes up great in shower and no fading. Great product.

  7. Customer in Canada (verified owner)

    Great quality and bright lime green colour.

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